Smile! Your Symptoms are Healthy! (part 1 of 3)

Feb 22, 2019

Every cell, tissue and organ in your body have both a physical and 'meta-physical' physical function. Meta means 'beyond' so metaphysical means 'beyond physical'. This means every cell, tissue and organ also have an emotional function: they have to store, manage and process your emotions!

Let's be honest, whose mind hasn't gone to fearful, worst-case-scenario thoughts such as 'maybe it's cancer' or 'maybe I'm dying' when experiencing severe or  inexplicable symptoms?

One of the most...

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Understanding and managing the healing response

Feb 13, 2019

What most people are unaware of is that every cell, tissue and organ has a 'beyond' physical function which we can call 'metaphysical'. Meta means 'beyond' - metaphysical means 'beyond physical'. Simply put, every cell, tissue and organ has an emotional function: they have to store, manage and process our emotions!

One of the most useful concepts to understand in health is the HEALING 'RESPONSE' or HEALING 'REACTION' and how to handle it.

Not understanding this phenomenon can...

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Stop the Mind Torture! Be Here Now!

Feb 13, 2019

The past is history

The future is a mystery

Today is a gift

Which is why it's called the present

"People often feel there is ‘something missing’ in their life. What is missing is attention and alignment with the present moment” Eckhardt Tolle

The Future

A very common mind habit which people have is to WORRY and worst-case-scenario-think (WCST) - to constantly expect the worst to happen.
Worry is mentally rehearsing what you don't want to happen. It is an...
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7 Types of Tiredness which cause Chronic Fatigue, ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and Burnout

Feb 09, 2019

There can be much misunderstanding and confusion over the real meaning behind symptoms of ‘chronic fatigue’, and what actually causes various kinds and types of debilitating exhaustion.

There can also be much confusion over the difference between the labels of ‘ME’ (myalgic encephalomyelitis), ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ (CFS), ‘post viral fatigue’, burnout, ‘adrenal fatigue’ and more, all conditions which leave one with the...

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Why am I tired of people being asleep?

Feb 03, 2019
"I want you to wake up so I can take a walk" - Gangaji, self-realized spiritual teacher

Warning! This post could trigger some indignant responses, especially if you are metaphorically 'asleep'. That's OK: some people won't like it and some people will love it! This post is for those who are ready to hear the usefulness in what I have to share, because it's truly meant to be a helpful 'wake up' call to help you solve your problems, because I WANT you to be happy and well : )


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Do we need a pill for loneliness?

Jan 29, 2019

Today I read in the Guardian that scientists are researching a pill for loneliness***.

So here are my two cents worth on why this is not likely to provide the fundamental 'cure'.

Having experienced much deep loneliness over much of my life, I can speak personally as to the devastating effects of what it's like to be and feel alone.

It affects every layer of our being: mind, emotions, physical and spiritual. 

Research has shown that loneliness can impair health*, for...

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How to tell if you're in an abusive relationship

Jan 27, 2019
Every time I was shouted at, criticized or berated, I would feel terrible inside. I felt hurt, frustrated, hopeless and powerless. It felt awful. And a part of me kept saying 'this just isn't right. Surely it can't be right to be treated this way'?
I don't share this story very often because it's not the sort of thing one talks about with strangers, or even friends.
I'm sure you know what I mean if you're currently in the same situation.
Fortunately I'm not...
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The Unseen and Painful Consequences of Being Bullied

Jan 27, 2019
"People bully others, or tolerate being bullied by others, in an unconscious effort to protect themselves, either emotionally or physically, or both". 

Bullying and unfair treatment can appear in many shapes and forms, in all walks of life.

It can (and does) happen at school, university... in the workplace... on holiday... at home.

So why is it people become bullies?

And why is it we tolerate unacceptable or unfair treatment?

And more importantly, how do we put a...

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The 7 Characteristics of Emotional Empowerment

Jan 27, 2019

Most of the time our attention and consciousness are focused 'outwardly' into the outside world.

Turning our attention inwards to journey within is foreign or uncomfortable for many people.

It takes courage to journey within, because we have to face parts of ourselves we have been avoiding, neglecting or even unconsciously harming.

  • We have to start feeling our feelings, something we have often taught ourselves not to do.
  • We have to face our fears, heal our past, and re-learn to trust...

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The Long Road to Emotional Freedom - If I can do it, so can you

Jan 26, 2019
I started contemplating that this may be what the rest of my life would look like: virtually house-bound, often bed-bound, unable to work or earn a living, unable to travel or see friends, sometimes even unable to drive the car or do the shopping... basically unable to live what most people would call a 'normal' life... 

24 years ago I walked into work and quit my job without any preemption.

The chronic, ongoing exhaustion which had been building up for several months finally became...

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