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How Negative Emotions Damage Your Cells

Every emotion you feel changes your body chemistry. When your body chemistry changes, it affects every cell, organ and tissue in your body. How are you feeling today?

90% of physical symptoms of illness are caused by unresolved emotional hurts

Stress and Emotions cause changes in Physiology. What are you holding inside?

Most people have no idea of the effects of stuck emotions inside their body!

I certainly didn't... until I found myself hospitalized with clinical depression and then later housebound with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

For years I searched for answers, visiting doctors, specialists and hundreds of natural therapists. And nothing worked until I discovered the hidden power of emotions to create havoc in my body - mentally, emotionally and physically.

Then I started learning how we can unconsciously hide uncomfortable emotions and painful memories inside us, burying them so deep we don't even know they're there... until they start manifesting as unhappiness, life problems, symptoms and chronic illness. In other words, when stress and 'dis-ease' turn into disease.

From the moment I discovered this, I started learning and implementing ways to identify hidden emotions and clear them out of my body. It completely revolutionized my health... and my whole life!

Now I love teaching people how to do this for themselves.

3 ways to get the results you are looking for

Personal Coaching

Personal 1-1 coaching will always get you the fastest results. The first step is to understand the real (and up until now 'hidden') reason for your symptoms. 

Intimate Group Classes

Group Online coaching allows you to train with like-minded individuals in a safe environment, where you can 10X your learning through targeted group live sessions.

Online DIY Programs

The most affordable way to get started is by taking an online DIY self-help program, where you can work through course materials at your own pace.

Why Emotions Matter


One of the biggest missed causes of physical pain and fatigue is unconscious emotional energy and stress trapped in the body. Learning how to reduce stress and get rid of emotions like sadness, frustration and fear are KEY to getting well. The Emotional Alchemy Academy (EAA) will teach you how to do this for yourself. This is true health mastery.

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