7 Levels of Emotional Alchemy

An overview of the 7 levels of emotional mastery taught by the EAA.

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How and why do emotions become a problem?

Why emotional intelligence is one of the most empowering gifts you can give yourself.

Emotional mastery is one of the most essential life skills because...

  • Holding onto negative emotions, either consciously or unconsciously, brings you down and makes you unhappy, which means it's difficult to enjoy life. Conversely, if you know how to identify and clear negative emotions quickly, you can enjoy life and feel good, no matter what is going on in your life.

  • If you feel sad, unhappy, angry, frustrated, afraid... (or any negative emotion you care to name) you can't be creative, enthusiastic or productive.  Once you know how to dissolve negative emotions on demand, your creativity will naturally return, freeing you up to follow your dreams. 

  • Emotional roller-coasters are exhausting, draining your energy and sucking the enjoyment out of life. As you clear negative emotional build-up, your life becomes more stable and you build a strong sense of peace and trust inside which cannot be shaken by outer circumstances.

  • Stuck emotions have been proven to be the underlying cause of physical symptoms and sickness. When you know how to clear negative emotional energy from your cells and psyche, your physical symptoms will start to clear up too.

Emotional Alchemy Academy - 7 Levels of Emotional Mastery

Emotional intelligence is a big subject! For a comprehensive journey through emotional learning, the EAA trainings are divided into 7 distinct levels:

EAL1 - Foundation

Learn how emotions are created, why they are necessary, how to increase emotional intelligence, the connection between stress and emotions, where inside your body emotions are generated and stored and much, much more. You will also take an assessment to discover which 'emotional needs' were missed in childhood.

"The techniques are simple but amazingly effective. I've really benefited from doing them."

EA Academy Member
EAA Levels 1 and 2

EAL2 - Emotional Processing

In this training you learn simple, effective, safe strategies and techniques for clearing all kinds of emotions including anger, sadness, hurt, betrayal,  disappointment, anxiety,  depression, guilt, shame and more. You will learn how it's possible to feel and let go of emotions safely and effectively without fear or drama. 

"This is probably the most beneficial work I've done on myself. I'd highly recommend taking the course if you're struggling with big emotions."

EA Academy Member
EA Levels 1 and 2

EAL3 - Emotions and Stress

Stress and (negative) emotions are intimately connected. In this training you will be taken on a journey to de-stress your life on all levels through assessing and addressing the myriad of ways you unconsciously create and perpetuate stress in your body-mind. 

"I have found the course fascinating. There was so much content and so much to learn, such as self-worth emotions, preventing overwhelm, self care to overcome frustration.... I am looking forward to listening again to absorb it all."

EA Academy Member
EA Levels 1 and 2 Program

EAL4 - Emotional Empowerment

Emotional empowerment is all about taking back your power and being your authentic self. Learn how to put yourself first and say yes to you and no to others without feeling guilty. Learn how to create clear boundaries around unfair treatment, bullying, emotional and verbal abuse. Get rid of the stories in your head which tell you you don't deserve to have your needs met.

"The process of identifying emotions was the most useful for me, I had been so used to missing thing critical step of knowing how I felt – I had felt before that some emotions were bad such as anger and so I had disallowed anger from my life, this caused me to suppress it to the point where I would feel a symptom rather than an emotion. Now I am able to see that there are no ‘bad’ emotions, they all serve a purpose"

Emotional Alchemy Student

EAL5 - A Return to Health

In this training you will learn how to reverse symptoms chronic illness without the need for medication or supplements. This is a very comprehensive training which you can draw on for the rest of your life. 

"This course has really made me think differently about emotions, the role they play in illness, and how important it is to be aware, to respect, acknowledge and feel them in order to transform and maintain health."

Julianne Petrie, PhD Child Development Specialist
EA Levels 1 and 2

EAL6 - Heart & Soul

Once you have made progress clearing negative emotions and stress through the first levels of training, you are ready to move to higher levels of personal mastery. Emotional freedom paves the way to connecting with your higher self and 'Soul consciousness', and cultivating more positive virtues such as love, compassion, humility and respect. 

"I love learning about the brain and emotions. I have gotten so many useful nuggets of information together with tools I can use. It's great to have the videos online to be able to watch when you can."

EA Academy Member
EA Levels 1 and 2

EAL7 Mind & Spirit

Thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, mind and emotions are intimately connected. In this level you will learn how to connect in with higher levels of your mind and Spirit, to live on purpose, be guided by your True Self, and more. 

"I feel more empowered, more in control of what is best for me, feel much more confident, and just ‘on top’ of things. There is a big change - it’s like my existence has changed in such a positive way, and it’s hard to believe sometimes"

Emotional Mastery Client

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These Courses Have Transformed My Life!

Feedback from an EAA member:

I want to share how Kim Knight’s Emotional Alchemy courses have transformed my health and life!

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, degenerative disc, sciatica, and a host of other chronic illnesses about 20 ago. I’ve been studying wellness and self-healing, seeking answers ever since. Kind of like Kim’s story, I’d also tried dozens and dozens of different healing modalities from all around the globe. Some things helped a little, but my better health was still inconsistent day to day. I have even been through therapy for past trauma that still didn’t really help me learn to process emotions.  

I have been in the EA and following Kim’s teachings for about 4 months now.  It’s one of the very best investments I’ve ever made in my health and self-care!!

The thorough assessments and quizzes really help me tune into specific root causes of stress and symptoms.  Kim is an excellent teacher, and her methods are so easy to apply.

For example when I feel anxious now, I use her RAMYL technique, and I actually feel the tension melt away in my body as I become aware of exactly how to take action.  Prior to her course, when stressful situations occurred, I’d often get stuck in a kind of “freeze” response of overwhelm. This flared up pain and immobilized me further.

Since using the tools she’s taught me, my health is also getting more consistent and stable each day!!

I feel much more calm inside, no longer fearing my own emotions. I’m learning the benefits of tuning IN rather than out when I experience emotions and sensations.

My relationships with difficult family members are far less triggering for me now, too.

Best of all, my relationship with myself is far more compassionate and positive!

My only regret is that I didn’t learn all this stuff sooner... it sure could have saved me years of suffering.

I highly recommend the Emotional Alchemy courses and TKM Lifestyle Medicine to anyone who has a health problem, is emotionally stressed, or even just wants to feel more joy and ease inside.

There’s no other emotional self-care course out there that even comes close to what Kim covers!!

She always delivers amazing content, offering extra bonuses and content far beyond what was promised.  


EAA student

About Kim

Kim is a multi-award winning health coach who teaches people how to master their emotional life. She started exploring emotions after she was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety in her 20's, and then chronic fatigue in her 30's. She discovered the key to her unhappiness and illness lay in dissolving emotional pain. With over 20,000 hours of learning, training and implementation in how to discreate emotions, she is the 'go-to' person for emotional transformation, and LOVES teaching people how to do this for themselves. 


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