Is a Virus your Friend or Enemy?

Jun 20, 2020
When the Covid outbreak started, it became clear that what is happening on earth right now is the COLLECTIVE version of what individuals have been experiencing for some time now: the result of ongoing and UNACCEPTABLE LEVELS OF STRESS, individually, and collectively.... we could say on the organism of humanity, and the planet as a whole.
What is a virus and what role does it play in your health?

Well, you may be fascinated to discover that a virus is not the enemy that most people think it...
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When There is No Future - Because Only the Present Exists

Apr 12, 2020

Now is the time to put into practice what teachers of wisdom like Eckhardt Tolle have been preaching to us for years: "in times of crisis, deepen presence". 

Covid-19 and coming to terms with living in the present

For years most people have been living their lives, automatically assuming in their mind a relatively stable future existed ahead of them. 

They have been looking forward to their next holiday, birthday or Christmas party... planning that next big purchase...

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Covid-19 and Self-Isolation: Where The Rubber Hits the Road

Mar 25, 2020

Just like the canals in Venice have started to become crystal clear, and people can see what is in the water for the first time in years, so it is with ourselves. We are going to start 'seeing' things about ourselves we hadn't noticed when we were keeping ourselves distracted. And we are going to start FEELING feelings we didn't know we had inside...

Today in New Zealand, and already for some time in other countries, is when the rubber hits the road.
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