Covid-19 and Self-Isolation: Where The Rubber Hits the Road

covid-19 Mar 26, 2020

Just like the canals in Venice have started to become crystal clear, and people can see what is in the water for the first time in years, so it is with ourselves. We are going to start 'seeing' things about ourselves we hadn't noticed when we were keeping ourselves distracted. And we are going to start FEELING feelings we didn't know we had inside...

Today in New Zealand, and already for some time in other countries, is when the rubber hits the road.
Without the normal plethora of 'distractions' and 'business', people are forced to do something which they may never have done in their life: to face themselves and feel their feelings.
To feel... to ponder... to reflect... to face their fears... to deal with emotions which are going to arise within... which normally are kept at bay and unconsciously suppressed through keeping busy.
Initially, people may still keep busy and distracted at home, but in a different way: through watching TV, playing games, talking, drinking, cleaning, skyping, zooming, cooking, reading, pottering in the garden...
But for those people who are not used to spending time alone, or dealing with their emotions, at some point it may start to become uncomfortable to be spending so much time with themselves.
This will particularly apply to:
  • people who are normally out and about a lot 
  • people who keep themselves busy at work, the gym, socialising... and
  • people who are self-isolated by themselves. 
What we find when we STOP, is that anything which is unresolved within us at an emotional level is going to start coming to the surface.
Just like the canals in Venice have started to become crystal clear, and people can see what's in the water for the first time in years, so it is with ourselves. We are going to start 'seeing' things about ourselves we hadn't noticed when we were keeping ourselves distracted. And we are going to start FEELING things we didn't know we had inside: feelings like sadness, grief, loneliness, fear, anger, frustration... feelings we have long buried. And we are going to need to know HOW to deal with these feelings, and the thinking which accompanies them. Because negative feelings produce negative thoughts and vice versa. Now we are going to have to get on top of our mind and emotions, and if this is just the start of the road to doing this for you, you're going to need some strategies, because managing feelings takes practice and specific tools.
For years I have been learning how to self-manage and clear negative emotions and negative thinking. I can see now the value of all these many years of study and practice.
This world crisis is forcing us to face ourselves... to learn about ourselves... to self-reflect... to go within and transform what is old and outdated... to clear out what is harmful... to upgrade our beingness. 
Life is bringing us the ultimate lesson: the lesson of self-transformation; of transforming ourselves in order to bring positive transformation to the planet through having cultivated more self-awareness, self-love, self-understanding, compassion for others, respect for ourselves and the world, and muchmore.
Unless we do this, we will not learn the lesson life is giving us, and the consequences will not be good for humanity. IF we do it, we have a chance to change everything... radically. And life will never be the same. But it will be better.
As my teacher used to say 'Healing is transformation: you transform and you are never the same again'.
So it is with this global healing opportunity. We are being asked to TRANSFORM in ways we never expected to, on a global scale. Everything is going to change. 
So we have a choice: learn the lessons and change and move forward. Or stay stuck and destroy life on earth as we know it.
Will humanity get the lesson?
I surely hope so, but it's up to us, and the first step is ALWAYS change from within. The first step is becoming self-aware and recognizing there are things about ourselves we need to change, and things we need to learn and change. And recognizing that if we don't know how to do this, we are going to have to look for help from people who DO know.
So here are the 6 steps to this inner transformation:
  1. Awareness that something needs to change
  2. A desire and willingness to want to change
  3. A commitment to do whatever it takes to change
  4. Finding the right teachers to help you embark on this change
  5. Learning what it is you need to do different, and how to manage your internal state (emotions, mind, energy, physical body)
  6. Practicing what you have learned, until you become masterful at it


Useful Resources

If you want help, the EAA has tools to help you to keep you busy for years!

You might like to start with the '5 Steps to Dissolve Emotions' free mini-training. 

Take care, trust all will be well, and do your bit in changing yourself to help the collective change which is so needed on the planet RIGHT NOW.

Kim Knight

Founder, Emotional Alchemy Academy 

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