The Freedom to Choose

Nov 03, 2021

If you've been using certain social media platforms over the past 18 months, you will know the level of censorship and vetting which has become the norm. Sometimes it seems that almost every post comes with a notice or warning (if it mentions a certain topic) and it's not uncommon for people to land in 'jail' for speaking their mind. 

And then when you move from these censored platforms and start posting on 'freedom of speech' platforms, you can immediately feel...
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Are you tolerating unfair treatment?

Feb 03, 2020

Have you experienced, or do you still experienceunfair, humiliating treatment from people in your life? Maybe your partner, a friend, someone at work, a parent, or even a child? 

I cannot tell you how common this is. Every day around the world, hundreds of thousands of people are being downtrodden, taken advantage of and abused. It's an epidemic. 

Just yesterday I saw a post from someone sharing their excitement about a new project they had taken...

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How to spot... and stop... a bully.

Jan 26, 2020

"For the already-deeply wounded and traumatized person, they will not understand unfair treatment or behaviour is unacceptable, and will tolerate it, without knowing how to either recognize it or stop it". 

Sometimes it can be really hard to spot a bully. They come in all shapes and sizes.

I don't mean literally.

I mean they can be anyone: a friend, partner, parent, child, work colleague, teacher, mentor... anyone.

And one of the problems or challenges with trying to manage...

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Did you grow up with a 'narc'?

Nov 06, 2019

 "For the first time, I understood what psychological abuse was, and how ‘victims’ are terrified of leaving their abuser… because of the terror from childhood which was still inside me".

Exploring Narcissism (part 1)

Growing up

I grew up with a narcissistic mother, but (as is very common) did not know it at the time. In fact it wasn't until I was about 12, when I heard a school friend describing her relationship with her mother, that I even started to question...

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How to tell if you're in an abusive relationship

Jan 27, 2019
Every time I was shouted at, criticized or berated, I would feel terrible inside. I felt hurt, frustrated, hopeless and powerless. It felt awful. And a part of me kept saying 'this just isn't right. Surely it can't be right to be treated this way'?
I don't share this story very often because it's not the sort of thing one talks about with strangers, or even friends.
I'm sure you know what I mean if you're currently in the same situation.
Fortunately I'm not...
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The Unseen and Painful Consequences of Being Bullied

Jan 27, 2019
"People bully others, or tolerate being bullied by others, in an unconscious effort to protect themselves, either emotionally or physically, or both". 

Bullying and unfair treatment can appear in many shapes and forms, in all walks of life.

It can (and does) happen at school, university... in the workplace... on holiday... at home.

So why is it people become bullies?

And why is it we tolerate unacceptable or unfair treatment?

And more importantly, how do we put a...

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