Are you tolerating unfair treatment?

abuse bullying Feb 03, 2020

Have you experienced, or do you still experienceunfair, humiliating treatment from people in your life? Maybe your partner, a friend, someone at work, a parent, or even a child? 

I cannot tell you how common this is. Every day around the world, hundreds of thousands of people are being downtrodden, taken advantage of and abused. It's an epidemic. 

Just yesterday I saw a post from someone sharing their excitement about a new project they had taken on, and when she came home to tell her husband, he stopped her mid-sentence, dismissing her saying "I don’t want you banging on about . Just be quiet and get it done . It pisses me off when people go on and on about this sort of stuff".


So instead of having the loving and enthusiastic support she was expecting (which we should expect to receive from a partner who truly loves and cares for us), she decided she would have to keep quiet, and keep her thoughts with her diary instead. In her words "maybe I will just silently shrink".

No no no!

This is NOT OK! This is not how a kind, considerate individual behaves towards another person, and no-one deserves to be treated this way. 

And this is exactly what leads to a whole range of unhappiness and symptoms later down the track, as we stuff and bury our emotions down inside. 

I am a huge advocate for women's empowerment, equality and respect. Having been on the receiving end of abusive behaviour, and having spent years learning how to manage bullies and create healthy boundaries over unfair treatment, I can assure you, this type of behaviour is unacceptable.

The thing is, if we want to change this type of situation, we are the ones who are going to have to take the first step. As one of my favourite sayings goes "we teach people how to treat us".

If someone is treating us unfairly, it's because our energy field is such that we have unconsciously attracted this person into our sphere of influence, and unconsciously somehow they know and feel they can treat us this way. 

The reason this is so is the result of traumas which have happened to us in childhood, leaving an energetic imprint inside of disempowerment and vulnerability. 

The key to stopping people treating us unfairly, and gaining authentic respect, is for us to become more authentic and to respect ourselves. There is no other way. We must change. This is why women learn the 'Authentic Me' technique in the EAA Emotional Empowerment training.

But the point to get across here is that this type of behaviour is unacceptable, we do not have to continue tolerating it, and we do have the power to change it - but we are the ones who have to make the change. Even if this feels impossible at first, I can assure you it IS possible, and actually with the right tools, easier than you might think. But it does take training and practice, and often we need support and guidance, because we are dealing with big emotional stuff here!

In my blogs this week I wrote more on the topic of bullying and abuse, including a recent experience I had of being bullied by a work colleague, something I never expected to experience again. However, it showed me that I still have more work to do on clearing my old disempowerment patterns, because life always brings us exactly what we need to learn.

Next week I will be doing a Facebook Live with my colleague Lynda where we will be talking about how to deal with bullies. The details will be announced on my Facebook page

Plus you can read a blog I wrote on the current Corona Virus, and why it's important to not get caught up in the media hype and fear, whilst of course being practical and sensible in taking precautionary measures. 

Cheers : )



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