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feminine power Sep 09, 2023

Instead of 'forcing' things to happen or striving the masculine way to achieve your goals... instead of 'fighting' to be heard or taken seriously... instead of struggling to be seen in a man's world - we can learn to create results The Feminine Way.

Apparently, it was at a conference in 2019 that the Dalai Lama said "the world will be saved by the Western woman".*

I'm just starting to understand what he might have meant, and it's exciting.. and not a moment too soon.

We're moving into Spring here in New Zealand, and I've just spent the past couple of months during Winter going 'inwards' to explore internal barriers which I know have been holding me back my whole life.

  • No more not feeling good enough.
  • No more feeling 'less than'.
  • No more feeling alone and unsupported.


Part of this 'going inwards' led me to embark on an empowerment program developed specifically for women, to help unhide and break through old, limiting psychological beliefs and blocks. I've been amazed at how much I have been learning about myself, and the potential these tools have to help break through invisible glass ceilings.

"The act of a woman coming to her power is a world changing act because we're transforming the underlying structures of the world and the structures of our culture that will enable not just you to rise but all of humanity to rise in the process". Claire Zammit

The Power Paradox

Now, don't get me wrong, before I say what I'm about to say: I'm not a feminist, and I'm not anti-men.

But the reality is, for decades (centuries) we've been living in a male-dominated system of power - a society run under patriarchal rules**.

For generations women have been living within the confines of this patriarchal system, and since the 1960's have been trying to take back their power, but from within a masculine framework. 

And here is what is interesting and important to understand about this:

Being a woman and trying to achieve success in the same the way men operate (think and behave) doesn't work... because we're wired differently, and consequently think, feel and act differently.

Understanding Yin and Yang

According to ancient Taoist (Chinese) philsophy, the universe is made up of two polarities: yin (female) and yang (male).

Yin and yang are always seeking to find balance, and during long epochs of evolution will move from one extreme to the other.

When an extreme of one element is reached, it will naturally turn into its opposite, because there is no absolute in the universe.

It's not hard to see that humanity has been living in a male-driven epoch for some time now.

Typical qualities of yang include: hard, strong, action, control, direct, angular, separation, isolation, dominance, aggression, rational, exclusion, Father, power...

Typical qualities of yin include: Stillness, gentleness, round, soft, submissive, inside, invisible, inclusivity, irrational, emotional, feelings, flow, nurturing, Mother...

  • When you read these qualities (and there are many more) what do they bring to mind?
  • When you think of western society as it stands right now, where do you think (feel) we sit on the spectrum of male and female?

It's not hard to see that the levels of 'control' from 'those in authority' are getting stronger and stronger by the day. The move towards a totalitarian state is clearly in sight.

This is indicative of the pendulum swinging more and more towards an extreme of 'yang'. 

The good news is, once the swing towards an extreme is nearly reached, it has to start moving in the opposite direction - it's a universal law. 

Unplugging the Patriarchy

So here we are now, and women are waking up all over the world and starting to discover there is a new way of standing in their power. The Feminine Way.

This means there is a new way to pursue our dreams and achieve our goals. The Feminine Way.

However, because we haven't grown up in a feminine system of power (in the West), we have not been taught what this system is, or how to implement and use it.

And the good news is, now you can. 

Instead of 'forcing' things to happen or striving the masculine way to achieve your goals... instead of 'fighting' to be heard or taken seriously... instead of struggling to be seen in a man's world - we can learn to create results The Feminine Way.

I kid you not when I say I could wrote 500 articles about all the information and tools that are in this course, and still not cover what's in it, or the life-changing tools it offers.

All I can say is, watch the free introductory series, and decide for yourself.

For me, this is a course I will be delving into for years, as I hone these new ways of stepping into my feminine power to create.

I highly recommend you check it out.

Feminine Power Seminar

To your freedom and success!


If you're interested in training to become a Feminine Powered Coach, check out the coaching training.

Even if you're not interested in becoming a coach, I still recommend listening to the coach video series, you will learn SO much about how to empower yourself as a woman. 

Introduction to Women Centred Coach Training




** book 'Unplugging the Patriarchy' - a fantastic read, by Lucia Rene https://www.abebooks.com/9780982377628/Unplugging-Patriarchy-Mystical-Journey-Heart-0982377622/plp 


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