Emotional Intelligence for the Greater Good

Feb 01, 2021

The Einsteinness of Eisenstein   

This blog has been on my mind for a while, and centers around the theme of money.

Ideas had been batting around my head for some time, and then I listened to a wonderful talk by Charles Eisenstein recently, where he so eloquently voiced many of the concerns I had been contemplating.

So I want to share a few of my thoughts, mixed with a large dollop of his wisdom.

Why is life centred around money?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself this...

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Is a Virus your Friend or Enemy?

Jun 21, 2020
When the Covid outbreak started, it became clear that what is happening on earth right now is the COLLECTIVE version of what individuals have been experiencing for some time now: the result of ongoing and UNACCEPTABLE LEVELS OF STRESS, individually, and collectively.... we could say on the organism of humanity, and the planet as a whole.
What is a virus and what role does it play in your health?

Well, you may be fascinated to discover that a virus is not the enemy that most people think it...
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Why You Don't Fight Covid

Apr 29, 2020
'Nobody ever wins a war' - because there will always be a loser when you look at life in this way. 
I learned this lesson 20 years ago from my first Qigong teacher*, who was an Aikido master, as he was teaching us how to self-heal and help others to heal themselves too. 
In Aikido you learn the principle and importance (necessity) of getting on the same side as your 'opponent' rather than trying to 'fight' them. You learn YOUR ENEMY IS YOUR FRIEND not your...
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