Is a Virus your Friend or Enemy?

corona virus covid covid-19 Jun 21, 2020
When the Covid outbreak started, it became clear that what is happening on earth right now is the COLLECTIVE version of what individuals have been experiencing for some time now: the result of ongoing and UNACCEPTABLE LEVELS OF STRESS, individually, and collectively.... we could say on the organism of humanity, and the planet as a whole.
What is a virus and what role does it play in your health?

Well, you may be fascinated to discover that a virus is not the enemy that most people think it is!

In fact, what if the virus is your friend? What if it is a teacher with a precious gift to offer?
This has certainly been my experience, having helped hundreds of people recover from a number of weird and wonderful viruses, which many doctors say are incurable.
How is this possible?
Well, it comes down to understanding the real purpose of a virus

What is a virus? 

According to Zach Bush MD:
“A virus is a communication network of genomics, the most important building block for life on earth. Viruses are not attacking us. They are not living beings like bacteria or fungi or protozoa. Viruses are packages of information secreted by living organisms... a template for life to develop.
There is never enough information in a single virus to ‘do’ something to a human being. They can participate in different pathways in human biology but there is not enough genetic information in a single virus to do something horrific to mankind. If that was the case, a virus would have killed all of us long ago.
Viruses are integrated into our biology, and we get to decide which viruses we turn on and reproduce, and which ones we don’t. Genetic machinery determines which genes get turned on within our genome, which viruses will enter and be transcribed into DNA within our genome. This [Corona virus] is a genetic update to our species that is expressing an adaptation to the stress we have induced on the planet"...

What Zach Bush has to say in this interview (see the video at the bottom of this page) about 'WHAT IS A VIRUS' is very VERY interesting.
Zach's explanation of the INTELLIGENT PURPOSE OF A VIRUS correlates COMPLETELY with my experience over 25 years of exploring, understanding and resolving the root CAUSE of conditions of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), ME (myalgic encephalomylitis), PVFS (post viral fatigue syndrome) and other chronic pain and fatigue conditions, which often SEEM to start with a virus, (such as Epstein Barr virus, glandular fever etc).
In the video he shares how the virus is "a genetic update to our species that is expressing AN ADAPTATION TO THE STRESS we have induced on the planet".
Well, here's the thing:
I realize that the Corona Virus is different from the viruses which are often attributed to being the precipitator of the well-known chronic pain and fatigue conditions of CFS, ME, PVFS and more, but the concept and principle are the same for both. We can see this if we look at the real root cause of these conditions.
Often and usually (almost always) people think the cause of their symptoms are due to a virus, because they got worse AFTER the virus was identified (diagnosed) and they were sick with symptoms (high temperature, sore throat, aches and pains etc).
However, when people 'get' a virus and later develop symptoms of chronic fatigue and pain (CFS, ME, fibromyalgia etc), what they eventually discover is this:
The virus is NOT the root cause of symptoms. The virus is NOT the problem.
The virus is an ADAPTATION TO THE STRESS WITHIN THE ORGANISM (body) as a result of many PRIOR years of ongoing stress.
This stress is physical, mental and emotional, and has been going on unnoticed for many years before the body starts to exhibit noticeable physical symptoms.

What actually happens is that the system (organism) is under so much stress for so long, that eventually it can no longer cope, and an OPPORTUNISTIC VIRUS takes hold, in an INTELLIGENT effort to slow the person down enough to GET THEIR ATTENTION so that they pay attention to what needs to be changed, in order to bring the organism back to a state of balance.
When we track back in time, we get to discover the root causes of these stressors, and once these root causes are resolved, along with making certain positive, healthy lifestyle changes, the body restores itself to its natural state of harmony, and symptoms disappear.

From individual to collective

When the Covid outbreak started, it became clear to me that what is happening on earth right now is the COLLECTIVE version of what individuals have been experiencing for some time now: they are experiencing the result of ongoing and UNACCEPTABLE LEVELS OF STRESS on humans individually, and collectively.... we could say on the organism of humanity, and the planet as a whole.
The human organism, normally very resilient and tolerant of stress, is saying it can no longer TOLERATE the levels of stress being asked of it. This is true for both the individual organism (a single human) and collectively (for humanity as an organism, and the planet as an organism).

This is why one of the tasks people must do to reverse symptoms is to identify the stresses they have been unconsciously and ongoingly 'tolerating' in order to restore homeostasis.

So this is what humanity is now being asked to do COLLECTIVELY: to clear the stress - as individuals and as a whole - in order to restore homeostasis to ourselves and the planet. This must be done INDIVIDUALLY in order to bring a collective result, because humanity is the sum total of individual humans.
There is much more which could be said on this topic, but the bottom line is this:
WE are the enemy. WE are the ones who must change.
It is not about eradicating a virus.
It is about CHANGING OURSELVES so that a virus not longer needs to take hold with the system (organism).
A virus will only take hold within the system when it NEEDS to in order to get the attention of its owner TO CHANGE... to make positive changes.
This is what people who are sick with CFS, ME, fibro etc need to do, so that they return to health, and it's completely do-able, with a very high success rate. Now humanity is being asked to do this en masse.
Watch the complete interview below: 

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