Understanding the Psychology of Abuse

Aug 24, 2021
When abusers abuse, they do it very subtly.
It's very confusing for the person on the receiving end, because initially, and often for quite some time, the 'victim' BELIEVES what the abuser is telling them. They believe that what they are being told is true. 

Personal Experience

Many years ago I found myself in an abusive relationship.
I didn't know what was going on for a long time. I didn't understand.
I didn't understand why they were treating me the...
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Understanding the Signs of Abuse

Feb 07, 2020
There are very sticky 'unseen energetic' bonds which tie an abuser to their victim, pulling the victim back over and over again, as if they are tied to their persecutor with an elastic band. It takes a great deal of will-power to extricate oneself from such a toxic relationship. 
Many years ago I found myself in an abusive relationship.
Initially it was 'just' verbal and emotional abuse, which was devastating and damaging enough as it was.
There are many signs...
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Are you tolerating unfair treatment?

Feb 03, 2020

Have you experienced, or do you still experienceunfair, humiliating treatment from people in your life? Maybe your partner, a friend, someone at work, a parent, or even a child? 

I cannot tell you how common this is. Every day around the world, hundreds of thousands of people are being downtrodden, taken advantage of and abused. It's an epidemic. 

Just yesterday I saw a post from someone sharing their excitement about a new project they had taken...

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Take Back Your Power - You Don't Have to Tolerate Abuse

Feb 03, 2020
EVERY client I have ever worked with who has had a chronic illness, has either had unresolved TRAUMA or ABUSE in their history. The result of this is a lack of healthy self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence etc, plus a host of unhealthy beliefs about self, plus a host of unhealthy ways of looking after oneself, all of which lead to such a state of 'dis-ease' and disharmony inside the body that it has NO CHOICE BUT TO CREATE SYMPTOMS in its cries for help and change.
Emotional abuse...
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The Kiss of the Divine Mother - From Domination to Partnership

Jan 31, 2020

As I was listening to her explain the 'dominator vs partnership' model, I could see that the intensely traumatic experience I had just been through mirrored exactly what the collective consciousness is going through at large: a transition from male energy domination and control to the gentleness and respect of the feminine.

Recently I listened to a podcast from a colleague of mine, Lucia Rene, who has spent her life investigating the transition from patriarchal to...

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How do you escape a narcissist?

Nov 07, 2019
The heart and the gut never lie (thank goodness) - they always speak the truth, whereas the head brain has learned very well to rational-lies away the unacceptable behaviour of the narcissist.
Exploring Narcissism (part 2)
The thing with understanding and managing narcissistic behaviour, is to understand that if you are currently in a toxic relationship (with partner or family members or anyone else) and have not yet understood how this dynamic works, or not yet...
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