The Kiss of the Divine Mother - From Domination to Partnership

abuse Jan 31, 2020

As I was listening to her explain the 'dominator vs partnership' model, I could see that the intensely traumatic experience I had just been through mirrored exactly what the collective consciousness is going through at large: a transition from male energy domination and control to the gentleness and respect of the feminine.

Recently I listened to a podcast from a colleague of mine, Lucia Rene, who has spent her life investigating the transition from patriarchal to matriarchal energy on the planet. Her book 'Unplugging the Patriarchy' was a fantastic read which I couldn't put down.

What was interesting in this podcast was how she talked about the transition from the 'dominator to partnership' model in society which has been thoroughly written about in another book called 'The Chalice and the Blade' by Riane Tennenhaus Eisler.

This book demonstrates how we can envision a truly egalitarian society by exploring the legacy of the peaceful, goddess-worshipping cultures from our prehistoric past.

As I listened to Lucia speak, it helped me make sense of the events I have personally experienced just this past week, which I can only describe as being on the receiving end of controlling male domination, which shook me to my core.

Whilst I have done much work on re-empowering myself after a childhood of domination and control, which led me into an emotionally-abusive relationship as an adult (and by the way, this 'male' dominating energy can come from a female or male person), and thought I had cleared my energy field enough to no longer have to attract this type of abusive and disrespectful behaviour (because whether we like it or not, this IS how it works - we attract everyone into our life through the law of attraction), the events of last week clearly showed there is still more work to be done at a deep subconscious level. 

What was interesting was that in my communication with this person after the incident, I shared how I was looking for a partnership rather than a dictatorship: I wanted to feel equal and honoured, rather than controlled and powerless. 

As I was listening to Lucia explain the 'dominator vs partnership' model, I could see that the intensely traumatic experience I had just been through mirrored exactly what the collective consciousness is going through at large: a transition from male-dominated ways to the gentleness of the feminine.

I saw how these personal issues of abuse which we experience as humans (whether this be emotional, psychological, verbal, physical, sexual abuse), is such a HUGE issue facing SO many people on the planet today.

Of course this is not new information. The incidents of domestic violence, war, workplace bullying, violence to animals and nature, destruction of the earth's resources are all sky rocketing and have been for many years now. It is an epidemic. 

In Lucia's words this is part of the 'dark agenda to control versus being free to follow our own evolutionary path'.

According to Riane's research, the partnership (chalice) model of society - where people respect each other, help each other, serve each other - was the normal modus operandi 6,000 years ago, before the patriarchal (sword) energies took over.  

The good news is, according to Lucia, the Divine Mother energy is now fully re-anchored in the earth, and it's up to us now to tap into it. Our job is to tap into this circuit of Divine Mother energy and bring it online within ourselves. 

But this energy is subtle - far more subtle than the sometimes harsh masculine energy - so soft it feels like 'the kiss of the Divine Mother on your forehead'. 

In order to fully embrace this feminine energy, as Lucia says (and I would agree) "all we have to do is stop resisting our emotional processes". We have to allow ourselves to heal the wounds of past abuse, past control, past domination. We have to allow ourselves to be emotionally vulnerable, to go inward to feel, resolve and dissolve the pain in the heart caused by disrespect and cruelty.

"We have now come through this dominator model which has reigned for 5,000 years. It's our job to birth this new world of an egalitarian model on the earth". 

You can listen to Lucia's Mother Divine Update here, it's well worth it.  

 "Source energy is the immovable glue which binds everything together" Lucia Rene

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