Why You Don't Fight Covid

covid Apr 29, 2020
'Nobody ever wins a war' - because there will always be a loser when you look at life in this way. 
I learned this lesson 20 years ago from my first Qigong teacher*, who was an Aikido master, as he was teaching us how to self-heal and help others to heal themselves too. 
In Aikido you learn the principle and importance (necessity) of getting on the same side as your 'opponent' rather than trying to 'fight' them. You learn YOUR ENEMY IS YOUR FRIEND not your foe, and that in order to 'win', you must get on the same side. 
So instead of 'fighting' and 'resisting' our illness, we learned to make friends with it... to understand the messages it was sending us... so that it no longer had to send the feedback via symptoms. 
One of the problems with humanity's current collective unconscious outlook is thinking that when things go 'wrong' it's a mistake, and thinking that one has to 'fight' illness. 
How often do you hear the words 'fight cancer'... or the phrase 'I just want to get rid of my symptoms'?
But here's the thing.
Illness is not a mistake. 
And the universe, just like the body, doesn't make mistakes.
Many years ago I learned this profound truth through healing my own illness. For years I had one illness after another: depression, chronic fatigue, asthma, allergies, recurring back problems and more.
Initially I thought the symptoms were a mistake... random... because no-one ever taught me to look at illness in any other way. Until many years later when I learned the body is far too intelligent to make mistakes*.
And then I learned that when the body creates illness, it's not a mistake: it's the body's way of trying to get our attention... of giving us a message... telling us that something we are doing is wrong (in the sense we have gone 'off track') and needs rectifying.
In other words, symptoms and illness are intelligent communication. 
It took me many years to work out where I had 'gone off track' and that I was 'breaking the laws of health', which had led my 'dis-ease' to become 'disease'. And once I understood this, everything changed, and I was able to bring myself back to health, without external intervention (ie medication, supplements), because once I stopped doing the damage, my body was able to heal itself, aka bring itself back to its natural state of harmony. 

A Virus - The Last Straw

I also learned how in conditions like chronic fatigue, ME, PVFS etc, the virus is the 'last-straw effect' of the immune system taking its owner 'down' in a last ditch effort to get said owner's attention - because the owner had not 'got' the many previous clues and messages sent by the body, telling its owner that things needed to change. 
And when humanity at large gets a virus, it's the same concept:
It's not a mistake - it's the organism of humanity trying to get the organism of humanity's attention - to let the organism of humanity know something is wrong and something needs to change.
So we don't fight Covid.
We learn to see it as a teacher - and friend - an incredible teacher with lessons to teach, which if we are wise, we will listen to and learn from.
So the question is, is humanity getting the lesson Covid has to teach?
Well is it?
The proof will be in the pudding.
If we are, and if we do (get the lessons) and make the necessary changes, then the organism of humanity will no longer need to create further Covids. 
And if we don't (get the lessons or make the necessary adjustments) the organism of humanity will continue to bring us the necessary messages through creating further disruption. Because it's just how life works. Cause and effect. The law of cause and effect.
* Thank you Gilles Marin for your wise teachings
* Thank you Richard Moat for your teachings

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