The Freedom to Choose

If you've been using certain social media platforms over the past 18 months, you will know the level of censorship and vetting which has become the norm. Sometimes it seems that almost every post comes with a notice or warning (if it mentions a certain topic) and it's not uncommon for people to land in 'jail' for speaking their mind. 

And then when you move from these censored platforms and start posting on 'freedom of speech' platforms, you can immediately feel yourself BREATHE A SIGH OF RELIEF, as you re-experience the feeling of natural FREEDOM from not having to worry about what you say.
If you've ever experienced being bullied, abused and mistreated, you will know what I'm talking about.
When you live in an abusive relationship, or you're being bullied or mistreated by co-workers, colleagues, family, friends... you will know what it feels like to have to watch every word you say, every action you do.
When you live in fear of being judged, critisized or reprimanded, it's like you're constantly 'looking over your shoulder'. It's a really uncomfortable feeling, but after a while, YOU GET USED TO IT.
And it's not until that fear of judgement or reprimand disappears (because you do whatever it takes to extricate yourself from that abusive situation) that you notice the fear and worry is no longer there.
This is how insidious abuse and bullying is. You get used to it, you get used to living in fear, until at some point you may forget that you had (have) the right to freedom in the first place. 
And this is how insidious the fact-checking and censorship has become on certain social 'media' channels.
And this is how insidious the bullying and co-ercion has become from certain governments. 
Never forget that as a human being you have freedom of choice. It is your divine right to have autonomy over your mind, your body, your being.
With this freedom and autonomy also comes responsibility: the responsibility of being respectful, truthful, wise and kind to others. 
Just as we don't like being forced to do what doesn't feel right, neither is it right to force our views on others. It's good to remember this. It goes both ways. 
But for now, if you've recently reclaimed your freedom, just notice the difference in how you feel when you are not being vetted and watched by others who are trying to control you, whether that be the government, your boss, your family, a friend... 
Remember that you have a right not to be bullied or controlled by anyone. 

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