The Long Road to Emotional Freedom - If I can do it, so can you

emotional freedom Jan 26, 2019
I started contemplating that this may be what the rest of my life would look like: virtually house-bound, often bed-bound, unable to work or earn a living, unable to travel or see friends, sometimes even unable to drive the car or do the shopping... basically unable to live what most people would call a 'normal' life... 

24 years ago I walked into work and quit my job without any preemption.

The chronic, ongoing exhaustion which had been building up for several months finally became too much, and I just quit. I was done.

For the next 5 years I searched for answers, but no-one could tell me what was wrong.

Despite trying over 140 therapies, nothing was working. I might feel better for a day or two, and then I'd be back in bed exhausted.

After 5 years, I started contemplating that this may be what the rest of my life would look like: virtually house-bound, often bed-bound, unable to work or earn a living, unable to travel or see friends, sometimes even unable to drive the car or do the shopping... basically unable to live what most people would call a 'normal' life. 

All that changed when I discovered the secrets to what causes illness, and even more importantly, the solutions for getting rid of symptoms and getting my health back. 

Once I discovered these secrets and strategies, I started applying them - avidly - one day at a time. 

Progress was slow, often times 2 steps forward and 1 step back, but I knew I was getting better. I knew I was doing the right thing and that finally I had found the right answers. 

Every time I went a step back, I would re-asses what had happened or what I had done to cause the halt in my progress, and make adjustments. 

It was a painstaking process. But I was determined to get well.

Slowly, one day at a time, I was regaining my health. Anxiety reduced and the fatigue started to disappear. I began sleeping better and the nervous twitches and pain began subsiding. The depression started to lift. 

Every day I would apply the techniques I had learned for self-clearing symptoms, focusing on techniques for clearing the trapped emotions which were causing the depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue (cfs). 

I studied everything I could on how to heal myself from chronic illness through clearing blocked emotional energy and taking better care of myself. I learned how self-care is one of the keys to reversing illness and regaining health. 

I visited hundreds of therapists (the total count of therapies I tried had now increased to over 200), absorbing every nugget of information I could on energy healing, vibrational essences, emotional clearing, specialist massage techniques to clear blocked energy, ancient Chinese exercises for increasing energy and more.

Ten years after walking out of my job, and after literally spending my house and life savings on getting well, I could finally say I was 95% better. I was finally ready to start working again. 

As a result of all the trainings I had done to get myself well, (without any intention to be a therapist) I had inadvertently trained myself to professional level in several therapies. People with chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and chronic pain - all the symptoms I had experienced, started asking me for help. So I started offering sessions.

Fast-forward 13 years and I can now help people do in a few weeks what took me 10 years.* 

I took the long road up the mountain. I didn't have a guide, I carried my own (heavy) backpack, I didn't know what path to take, I often got lost, and it took a long time to reach the summit. 

Now I show people how to get directly to the top in a sleek-moving gondola!

  • I show them how they can avoid years of frustration, hopelessness, even despair. Instead they will be given hope and practical tools for getting the results they really want.
  • I show them how they can avoid wasting their precious time, money and energy on therapies which aren't a right fit for them. Instead we hand-pick what they need.
  • I teach them how to do it for themselves, because self-empowerment is the key to true freedom.

Are you ready to be free of the stress of not being able to be your authentic self? Are you ready for emotional freedom? 

If you're ready to:

  • know how to communicate your truth honestly with others so you remain honest to you
  • be your authentic self and think, act and speak in alignment with your True Self
  • want to be able to express your feelings with others so you stop holding everything inside
  • know how to stand up to others and stop people walking all over you or taking advantage of you
  • want to put a stop to people treating you badly, such as verbally abusing you, humiliating you, shaming you, putting you down...
  • learn how to make yourself your number one priority without guilt or self-doubt
  • know how to say yes to you and no to others, and feel good about it because you know it's in alignment with your highest good
  • regain your health and wellbeing after years of sub-par health caused by ignoring and suppressing your frustration, hurt and disappointment
  • get rid of emotions that have been plaguing you or bugging your for years
  • know how to self-process and clear emotions like frustration, anger, sadness, grief, hurt, disappointment, shame, guilt, betrayal and more
  • and basically want to feel self-empowered rather than fearful, nervous, guilty and anxious

... then the Emotional Alchemy Academy 'Emotional Freedom' training is for you.

It includes the first 3 levels of Emotional Alchemy Academy training:

1. Foundation - learning to understand and interpret the hidden meaning behind emotions

2. Emotional Management - learning how to self-clear negative, uncomfortable emotions on demand

3. Emotional Empowerment - learning how to stand up for yourself and make you your number one priority. This is a self-empowerment course on steroids!

You pay for the level 3 training and I give you the first two training levels, valued at nearly $600, for free!

Note: this is a time sensitive offer - it expires on 5th Feb 2019!

By the end of this training the results you can expect are:

  • No longer or much less concerned about what others will say or do if you say and do what is right for you
  • Not bothered by other’s reactions, and able to process internal responses of hurt, disappointment and frustration if they happen
  • Increased trust in your inner guidance (intuition), together with skills and ability to access your multiple brains (inner guidance) to make decisions
  • Confidence in speaking your truth, saying no to others and yes to you
  • Able to prioritize your needs without guilt or stress, knowing that self-care is the key to your long-term wellbeing
  • Increased self-worth, self-esteem, self-value and self-belief
  • Renewed confidence in your ability to be your authentic self
  • And a lot more which will reveal itself as you make your way through the program, and afterwards for the rest of your life

Whilst this is a training which last 7 weeks during the 'live' training period, you can review the class content as many times as you like ongoingly after the live training finishes. Reviewing and implementing will be the keys to your success, and having me guide you during the live training is worth its weight in gold. 

Ready to learn more?

Test your Emotional Empowerment!

When you register for the free webinar below you can take the quick quiz to test out your levels of emotional freedom. 

Free Webinar - Freedom from the Toxic Ties that Bind

Join me on this free online training where you will learn:

  • How I escaped an abusive, toxic relationship where I was experiencing constant emotional abuse which wore me down and caused all sorts of life problems
  • The number one thing which perpetuates toxic and unhealthy relationships, leaving you exhausted and exasperated
  • The two essential changes you must make in order to stop and create clear boundaries around unfair treatment
  • The 7 characteristics of emotional empowerment which need to be cultivated so that you can truly say you are emotionally free
  • and more eye-opening information to help you transform your life for the better

Register for the webinar here - You can watch live or on demand in your own time.

Free Emotional Freedom Webinar [On Demand Anytime]

'The 5 Keys to Emotional Freedom'

Watch on demand at your own leisure - register here now.




* Based on results gained by private coaching clients: the average amount of time to see positive changes is 3 months, but each person will progress at their own unique pace. The longest coaching period for a private client has been 6 months.

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