Why am I tired of people being asleep?

"I want you to wake up so I can take a walk" - Gangaji, self-realized spiritual teacher

Warning! This post could trigger some indignant responses, especially if you are metaphorically 'asleep'. That's OK: some people won't like it and some people will love it! This post is for those who are ready to hear the usefulness in what I have to share, because it's truly meant to be a helpful 'wake up' call to help you solve your problems, because I WANT you to be happy and well : )

First of all, I'm going to have to share some definitions here in order for the title (and content) of this post to even make sense...

When I refer to 'being asleep' I am not talking literally as in lying in bed asleep! I certainly don't have a problem with that! Sleep is good and essential.

I'm using this term in the sense of asleep being 'unaware'.

Unaware of what?

Of many things, but primarily of oneself and greater truths about life which one has not yet 'woken up to'.

I was asleep like this for many years. For the first 28 years of my life actually, and then only 'half awake' for the next 10 years until I really started to 'wake up'.

And it was only after I had several large 'wake-up calls' that I even began to really 'wake up', such is the strength of our sleeping wakefulness, or waking sleepfulness. Sometimes it takes mac trucks to stir us from our slumber. (I literally did have a 'mac truck' as one of my wake up calls, that's a whole other blog).

This is why I can probably say I have the right to share what I am sharing here, because I was one of the most 'asleep' and 'unaware' people I know! 

You see, if this is new terminology to you, 'waking up' is a term used in spiritual growth or personal development circles, and it refers to becoming more self-aware, and more aware of greater truths about life which up until now we have been 'asleep' to.

The tricky thing with self-awareness is, we don't know what we don't know, until we do know.

We are unaware of what we are unaware of, until we become aware, and it is only then that we find we have new choices which we can make in life to improve our life. 

This is the very tricky thing with awareness - it's not there until it is!

I nearly gave up many times. But something kept me going. I didn't give up, and finally I found the answers. And one of the MAIN answers to resolving the mystery of physical symptoms is to understand that unexpressed, unresolved emotional pain from the past and present, and not being your authentic self, WILL KEEP YOU SICK.

Even though what I am writing could sound insulting, it's really not, and it's definitely not designed to be. If it does feeling insulting to be suggested to that you are 'asleep', that will be a sign the ego or 'false' protective self is in play. Try and keep an open mind, set those responses aside, open your heart, and listen if you dare : )

So what am I 'tired' of when I say 'I am tired of others' being asleep?

Well, now that I understand a lot of things which I didn't understand before when I too was 'asleep', there's nothing I love more than helping other people understand certain truths, because they literally have the potential to change your life in positive, miraculous ways.

Why wouldn't I (or anyone) want to share something which has the potential to transform someone else's life for the better?

And what in particular is it I want to share that can help someone 'wake up'?

If I could nut it down to one message it would be this:

Physical symptoms and illness are rarely caused by only something physical.

Physical symptoms have a stress-emotional basis which is usually unrecognized, until it becomes recognized and 'seen' for what it is.

To 'recognize' means to 're-cognize' - to cognize mentally with the brain.

One of the biggest, and I mean BIGGEST missing pieces in healthcare is understanding that physical symptoms usually have a beginning which goes WAAAAYYY deeper than just a physical cause.

If you have been struggling with physical symptoms, and trying every supplement, dietary change or medication under the sun, and you're not getting a result, then 99% for sure there are missing emotional components which need uncovering. For sure.

How can I be so sure?

Because I struggled FOR YEARS trying to find the answers to my chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, back pain, urticaria, asthma, allergies, UTI's, candida, shingles and more.

When I was growing up, and was 'asleep' (metaphorically-speaking), the ONLY solution I was aware of was to go to the doctor. The only solution I understood was medication or surgery. That was all I knew. 

But many years of debilitating illness led me on a BIG journey to look beyond these 'solutions' [which are mostly not solutions, because they only address the end-result (symptoms) rather than the cause (unresolved stress-emotional issues)], to find the root cause.

It was a LONG, LONG journey: overall it was 25 years of seeking, trialling and erroring. I tried over 250 therapies in my quest to find the answers! Let me tell you, that's a lot of therapies! I trained professionally in 20 of those therapies, not because I wanted to be a therapist, but because I immersed myself so deeply in learning about them to heal myself that I ended up qualified! I spent at least $500,000 on my healing. That's not pocket change.

Often I meet people who tell me they've 'tried everything' and when I ask what they've tried, they list off about 10 or 20 therapies. That's just an appetizer my friend!

I nearly gave up many times. You have no idea (or maybe you have if you are in a similar situation). I often thought it would be easier to not be alive. But something kept me going. I didn't give up, and finally I found the answers. And one of the MAIN answers to resolving the mystery of physical symptoms is to understand that unexpressed, unresolved emotional pain from the past and present WILL KEEP YOU SICK. Period. 

So why am I 'tired of people being asleep'?

Well, I gotta tell you, it's sort of frustrating to have the answers and people not hear those answers when you suggest them. 

I know... it's partly my own impatience (one of my patterns I'm working on). 

And let me re-iterate - I was once asleep. I was once one of those people who didn't know what I didn't know. So I know exactly what it's like to not know. 

But you can't unknow what you know! 

And the reason I am SO passionate about helping people now is because I don't want you to have to suffer for as long as I did.

  • I don't want you to spend years in pain and exhaustion, feeling hopeless and despairing, as I did.
  • I don't want you to not be able to work or have fun or live your life normally, like I did.
  • I don't want you to lose all your material possessions (house, car, life savings) because you are too ill to work, as I was.

I want you to get well in the quickest time possible, as easily and efficiently as possible. I want you to be happy.

And this is all possible!

But there are 'pre-requisites':


You must be ready and willing to 'wake up' to new possibilities, new perspectives.

You must be ready to see things differently.

You must be ready to have the 'blinkers' of ignorance (and ignorance just means 'unawareness - not stupidity!) taken off.

You must be ready to WAKE UP from the slumber of your unawareness.

Are you ready?

I'm ready to show you the way, if you're ready to wake up.

So I'll finish with one of my favourite quotes, which I actually have printed on the back of my business card, because it's SO pivotal in understanding the process of awareness:

All truth passes through 3 stages:

First it is ridiculed.

Secondly it is violently opposed.

Thirdly it is accepted as self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer.


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