Cultivating Openness to Dispel Anger

May 16, 2020

"In the past, if I was triggered into anger, my heart would (energetically) close, causing pressure physiologically in the liver, leading to Qi blockages in the liver and gallbladder. Now, by using Openness in Tong Yuan, I can keep my heart energetically 'open' which prevents the liver energy blocking up"... 

A Story of Dispelling Anger and Increasing Inner Peace

For me personally, one of my 'negative' knee-jerk emotional habits throughout my life has been frustration...

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Managing Emotions: The Two Sides of the Coin Approach

May 14, 2020

During 30 years of learning and teaching how to manage and resolve emotions, it has become clear to me that there are 2 skills we must learn.

I call these the '2 sides of the coin' approach:


Firstly, we need to be able to communicate the truth of how we are feeling with others.

We must speak honestly and openly about our feelings and needs, in order to dispel any emotions which have been building up inside in a healthy way. This is not about 'dumping' our feelings on others - it's...

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Emotions - There Is Another Way

Feb 26, 2020
I'd like to share something about emotions. It could be met with some resistance, or even disbelief.
For many years I studied how to clear emotions after coming to understand how unresolved emotional pain and hurts lay at the root of my symptoms of depression (de-pressing emotions) and chronic fatigue (suppressing emotions) and other physical symptoms. In other words, I found myself forced to face my emotions because if I didn't, I wasn't going to get well.
Every day, for...
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Releasing Grief

Nov 21, 2019

MCT Series - part 2 - Grief

In order to know how to manage and clear (get rid of) negative emotions, we need to understand several things including:

  • What exactly are feelings (ie, what do they feel like and where are they located in your body?)
  • What are the causes of the emotion (including the 'surface' and 'root' causes)
  • What are the harmful consequences of emotions (so you have an impetus for wanting to stop experiencing them)
  • The important...
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Anger Management 101

Nov 20, 2019

MCT Series - part 1 - Anger

In order to know how to manage and clear (get rid of) negative emotions, we need to understand several things including:

  • What exactly is this feeling (ie, what does it feel like and where do you feel it in your body?)
  • What are the causes of the anger (including the 'surface' and 'root' causes)
  • What are the harmful consequences of this emotion (so you have an impetus for wanting to stop experiencing it)
  • The intelligent role emotions play in safe-guarding...
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Are you Issues in your Tissues?

Nov 15, 2019

"If you are stressed about things going on in your life, and you are unable to digest those issues, then those emotions are going to get stuck in your tissues... literally".

Even in our supposedly 'oh-so advanced' 21st century modern society, it is still a relatively little-known fact that all of our stress and unresolved hurts are registered and stored in our organs, tissues and cells

Most people have no idea how ongoing dis-ease eventually turns into disease, and...

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'What If - Secrets to Health' Part 10: What if you are unconsciously keeping yourself sick?

Apr 07, 2019

What if - Secrets to Health - Free Video Series Part 10

[Video - 13 mins]

What if...

  • You are secretly keeping yourself sick? 

And what if...

  • Your symptoms are serving a hidden beneficial purpose, which work both for and against you? Would you want to know?

What if?!

An eye-opening series on the cause (and solution) to illness.

This is the subject matter of this video series.

In this episode we look at how we can unconsciously keep ourselves sick by perpetuating a secondary...

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Are you composting your emotional garbage? [Video 8 mins]

Apr 06, 2019

[Video 8 mins]

"Through the Inner Smile we can learn to recycle our emotional garbage back into positive virtues"

Do you know what to do with your emotional baggage?

How are you composting your emotional garbage?

Do you carry it around with you on your back?

This video shares why it's so critical to learn how to compost your emotions if you want to prevent sickness and unhappiness, or recover from illness, and ensure your happiness and wellbeing!

You can learn to transform negative...

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How to transform emotions and sickness with a Smile

Apr 02, 2019

It was only when I learned how to self-clear negative emotions (frustration, hurt, disappointment, fear, anger, sadness, grief...) that I learned it was possible to get rid of symptoms without having to take medication or supplements. What a revelation! 

After having been virtually house-bound for 5 years with chronic fatigue, I got myself well, just by self-clearing my emotions!

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, humans lose their energy  (life force or 'Qi') and...

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6 Core Emotions which Create Unhappiness and Illness

Mar 29, 2019

How I healed chronic fatigue and depression by dissolving toxic emotions

One of the most missed pieces of the health puzzle when it comes to understanding the cause of illness and symptoms, (and how to get well without external aids) is understanding the pivotol role emotions play in the formation of symptoms.

Whilst it may initially sound crazy that emotions can turn into physical symptoms, in this video I will show you how this happens.

Before I understood this fact, I had no idea...

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