Anger Management 101

anger emotions Nov 21, 2019

MCT Series - part 1 - Anger

In order to know how to manage and clear (get rid of) negative emotions, we need to understand several things including:

  • What exactly is this feeling (ie, what does it feel like and where do you feel it in your body?)
  • What are the causes of the anger (including the 'surface' and 'root' causes)
  • What are the harmful consequences of this emotion (so you have an impetus for wanting to stop experiencing it)
  • The intelligent role emotions play in safe-guarding your life
  • That emotions are neither inherently good or bad, and you don't have to feel bad for having emotions
  • How emotions are a habit which we can train ourselves out of
  • What the right tools are for clearing different emotions

So what is anger? Have you ever really stopped to feel where it arises inside your body? Do you know the harm it does you? Do you know how to not experience it? 

3 Forms of Self Protection

One of the things people are often unaware of is how anger is a self-protective emotion, and how it can arise within you for emotional and physical protection.

1. For example, have you ever noticed that if your life felt threatened, eg, someone swerves into you on the freeway causing you to nearly crash your car, how you immediately feel angry after the initial fear response? This is a normal body reaction because anger is a protective emotion, and your body will do whatever it can to keep you alive. Anything. 

2. Anger can also come when we feel emotionally threatened, because it is a sign our emotional needs are not being met, or even abused. This is a healthy sign to keep our boundaries and take care of ourselves. 

3. Anger is also created inside of us in different forms if we abuse ourselves through lack of self care. For example, if you sit at your computer for 15 hours without a break, your body will send frustration because it's annoyed that you have been abusing yourself. Your body speaks to you through your emotions - are you paying attention, and do you know how to read the messages behind the emotions?

How to manage anger

In order to start reducing our anger responses, we have to first of all become aware of our 'anger patterns' - when and where we tend to get upset and react angrily. This may require doing an anger inventory, where we look at our past history to understand these habits. 

Then we need to learn techniques for clearing and letting go of anger in the moment as it arises, because anger is a very fiery emotion.

We also need to understand the physiological impact anger has inside our body at a cellular-organ-tissue level, because knowing the damage it is doing will help us want to change the habit.

We also need to understand that more often than not, if we are talking about 'emotional' anger, that there will usually be some form of emotional hurt underneath the anger which we are unconsciously covering up and preventing ourselves from feeling

Manage Clear and Transform the 7 Most Toxic Emotions

In the MCT 'Manage, Clear and Transform' Mini Series, you can learn how to get rid of anger, and the other 6 toxic emotions which cause the most havoc in the body-mind:

  1. Anger
  2. Sadness
  3. Fear
  4. Hurt
  5. Shame
  6. Guilt
  7. Loneliness

In the clearing anger module you will learn:

  • How to recognize the feeling of anger inside your body
  • What created the pattern of anger in you from childhood
  • How to stop the habit of anger
  • How to isolate and clear the underlying hidden emotions beneath anger
  • Easy exercises to dispel anger in the moment
  • An exercise to retrain your body into responding with peace instead of anger
  • Which 3 organs are most harmed by anger
  • What types of physical symptoms and dis-eases are created by anger
  • and much more... there are 8 other modules, one for each emotion, plus a foundation and summary module

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