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Get rid of negative emotions which keep you down, stuck or sick. This series will show you how to deal with and get rid of the 7 core emotions which play havoc in the body-mind, making you unhappy and sick, and keeping you stuck: anger, sadness, hurt, guilt, shame, fear and lonelinessLearn practical tools for mastering your wellbeing. Watch some sample free lessons, check out the content and bonuses below or register now to join the program.

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Kim Knight’s Emotional Alchemy courses have transformed my health and life!

I have been in the EA and following Kim’s teachings for about 4 months now.  It’s one of the very best investments I’ve ever made in my health and self-care!!

The thorough assessments and quizzes really help me tune into specific root causes of stress and symptoms. 

Kim is an excellent teacher, and her methods are so easy to apply.

For example when I feel anxious now, I use her RAMYL technique, and I actually feel the tension melt away in my body as I become aware of exactly how to take action.  Prior to her course, when stressful situations occurred, I’d often get stuck in a kind of “freeze” response of overwhelm. This flared up pain and immobilized me further.

Since using the tools she’s taught me, my health is also getting more consistent and stable each day!!

I feel much more calm inside, no longer fearing my own emotions. I’m learning the benefits of tuning IN rather than out when I experience emotions and sensations.

My relationships with difficult family members are far less triggering for me now, too.

Best of all, my relationship with myself is far more compassionate and positive! My only regret is that I didn’t learn all this stuff sooner... it sure could have saved me years of suffering.

I highly recommend the Emotional Alchemy courses and TKM Lifestyle Medicine to anyone who has a health problem, is emotionally stressed, or even just wants to feel more joy and ease inside.

There’s no other emotional self-care course out there that even comes close to what Kim covers!!

She always delivers amazing content, offering extra bonuses and content far beyond what was promised. 

Marnie, EA Academy Member

What's in this course?

Each module deep dives into one of the core 7 emotions...

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Foundation Module

In the first module we will cover many essential topics including:

  • The root cause of emotions and why all emotions have an intelligent purpose
  • The difference between 'real' and 'false' emotions, and why you need to know if you want to get rid of either
  • Where emotions are stored in the body, which organs they affect and how negativity creates physical toxins inside your body
  • A 5 step process for dissolving just about any toxic emotion
  • And much, much more...

Overcome Fear

  • Understand the 3 main root causes of fear so you no longer have to feel like you're stuck in a Groundhog movie of constant anxiety and fear
  • Understand why you need to know the difference between 'body' fear and 'mind' fear
  • Learn 3 easy techniques for reducing and clearing fear on the spot.
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Managing Anger

  • Learn the top 3 reasons for anger and how to reduce it quickly and easily
  • Understand the secret role anger plays in protecting your life, and why anger is not a 'bad' emotion 
  • Understand how to get rid of that 'knee-jerk' anger response which just won't go away! 
  • Learn 3 easy techniques for managing and reducing anger on the spot

Healing Hurt

  • Learn how to manage your emotional hurts so you no longer have to stuff those emotions down inside of you
  • Learn how hurt is trying to protect you, and how you can protect yourself emotionally from others, especially if you are being mistreated
  • Understand your 'emotional needs' and 'human givens', and understand what is needed to heal the deepest human hurt - betrayal.
  • Learn how to heal hurt and set yourself free.
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Sadness and Grief

  • Learn how to let go of sadness and grief, and how not to be afraid of feeling this spectrum of emotions
  • Understand how sadness and grief cause sickness in the body if held in and remain uncleared... and how to avoid this to keep yourself healthy
  • Learn the 5 elemental cycle of emotions and which element heals sadness (and other emotions)
  • Learn simple techniques for letting go of sadness and grief.

Releasing Shame

  • Learn why no-one should ever have to feel ashamed, and why you have set up the 'false' emotion of shame... which then allows you to start letting it go
  • Learn the 3 main hidden causes of shame, which once revealed automatically allow it  to start dropping away
  • Learn how to replace shame with self-worth and self-belief
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Let go of Guilt

  • Learn the difference between 'real' and 'false' guilt, because understanding the difference is the key to getting rid of either
  • Learn how and why 95% of guilt is unnecessary, which allows you to drop a weight off your shoulders immediately
  • Learn the number one thing you must increase in order to decrease guilt, with a simple exercise to do so

Let go of Loneliness

  • Understand the 3 root causes of loneliness and how to address each one so you start to experience feelings of greater connectedness
  • Learn how to manage and clear intense feelings of loneliness, freeing your heart from pain
  • Learn the deeper spiritual meaning of loneliness and how ultimately it is possible to never have to feel lonely
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Overcoming Financial Fears

Financial fears include fears of not having enough money, fear of not getting out of debt, fear of losing one's job, fears of losing one's house, car or possessions, not having enough food or roof over one's head and a lot more. 

In this bonus session we will look at essential information and tips for dealing with financial fears, including what really lies at the root cause of financial fear, which has nothing to do with money at all.

Relearn to Trust


A loss of trust is at the root of most worry, fear, depression, anxiety, grief and in fact most emotions.

In this module you will take a 'trust inventory' to check your trust levels, and discover the 3 keys ways trust is lost in childhood, leading to a multitude of problems as an adult. You will then learn the number one step you must take for trust to be restored, freeing you from fear and doubt. 

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What people are saying...

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"The material in this program is phenomenal. It must have taken so many years to amass such skill and experience, and I'm so happy I get to be able to learn it in such a comprehensive, easy way. Boundless gratitude".

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"If I could tell people one thing it would be this: jump on the wagon now - this information is simply priceless. Just one of the techniques alone is worth its weight in gold". 

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"If you've been looking for answers to why you're unhappy, depressed, sick... this course will give you the answers. It will change your life in more ways than you could ever imagine". 

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Why is it important to be emotionally savvy?

The truth is, unconsciously ignoring or swallowing your emotions causes problems, leading to deep unhappiness, depression (de-pressing emotions), anxiety (an overload of backed-up emotions) and illness (when 'dis-ease' turns into disease). On the other hand, learning to self-identify and clear toxic or negative emotions can free up your wellbeing in miraculous ways!

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How much is your life worth?

What value do you put on a lifetime of peace of mind and health? It's priceless!

The MCT Mini Series includes:

  • 8 modules with multiple lessons in each module
  • 4 live Q&A trainings with Kim, giving you direct access to have your questions answered
  • Access to private membership portal to watch video lessons
  • Lifetime access to course materials*
  • Downloadable MP3 audio recordings of lessons to listen to offline
  • Over 10 practical emotional-clearing techniques you can use to self-clear a multitude of negative feelings
  • A toolbox of information which will be valid for the rest of your life to keep yourself happy and healthy

Remember - you are not paying for a course...

You are investing in the transformation you will experience as a result of what you learn in this training.

You are investing in YOUR precious life. Don't waste another minute staying stuck in your emotions.

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