Releasing Grief

emotions sadness Nov 21, 2019

MCT Series - part 2 - Grief

In order to know how to manage and clear (get rid of) negative emotions, we need to understand several things including:

  • What exactly are feelings (ie, what do they feel like and where are they located in your body?)
  • What are the causes of the emotion (including the 'surface' and 'root' causes)
  • What are the harmful consequences of emotions (so you have an impetus for wanting to stop experiencing them)
  • The important role emotions play in safe-guarding your life and why all emotions are intelligent
  • How emotions are neither good or bad, and why you don't have to feel bad for having emotions
  • How emotions are a unconscious habit you can train yourself out of
  • What the right tools are for clearing different emotions

So what is sadness? Have you ever really stopped to feel where it arises inside your body? Do you know the harm it creates? Do you know how to stop being overtaken by grief

Real or Perceived Loss

First of all we need to understand what sadness and grief are:

They are our mind-body's response to real or perceived loss. They are a form of feedback from the body-mind intelligence to tell us how we are feeling or will feel if and when we lose something or someone.

But did anyone ever tell you that you can significantly decrease your sadness and grief responses, and that you can learn to control how you feel? Would you like to experience less of these emotions?

Many people are almost insulted at the thought of not feeling sad for the death of a pet or person, but the reality is, we can learn how to reduce and even eradicate these emotional responses. At the very least, we might want to lessen ongoing sadness and grief which can last for days, weeks, months or years, ruining our ability to enjoy life.

And not many people understand the connection between grief and physical symptoms of illness, and how the body manifests pain and illness when sadness and grief are held onto for too long. Wouldn't you want to know this, and know how to relieve your symptoms by relieving your sadness?

This is all possible, but first of all, you need to decide if this is what you want.

Do you want to hold on to your sadness, or do you want to let it go?

If you've answered the latter, learn how to do this in the MCT program:

Manage Clear and Transform the 7 Most Toxic Emotions

In the MCT 'Manage, Clear and Transform' Mini Series, you can learn how to get rid of sadness, and the other 6 toxic emotions which cause the most havoc in the body-mind:

  1. Anger
  2. Sadness
  3. Fear
  4. Hurt
  5. Shame
  6. Guilt
  7. Loneliness

In the releasing sadness module you will learn:

  • How to recognize the feeling of sadness inside your body
  • Which 3 organs are most harmed by sadness and grief
  • What has created patterns of sadness in you since childhood
  • Quick and easy exercises to dispel sadness and grief quickly and easily
  • The types of physical symptoms and dis-eases are created by sadness
  • and much more... there are 8 other modules, one for each emotion, plus a foundation and summary module

Join the MCT program now.

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