6 Core Emotions which Create Unhappiness and Illness


How I healed chronic fatigue and depression by dissolving toxic emotions

One of the most missed pieces of the health puzzle when it comes to understanding the cause of illness and symptoms, (and how to get well without external aids) is understanding the pivotol role emotions play in the formation of symptoms.

Whilst it may initially sound crazy that emotions can turn into physical symptoms, in this video I will show you how this happens.

Before I understood this fact, I had no idea suppressed and hidden emotions were the root cause of the clinical depression (unconscious de-pressing of emotions) and chronic fatigue syndrome (unconscious blocking of e-motional energy) which I had experienced for many years. 

After suffering depression for 15 years, and then being virtually housebound and unable to work for 5 years with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), I was close to giving up hope. 

Believing that I would get worse and never be able to travel again, I sold my house and set off overseas on 'one last trip' - it was now or never. Even though at times I could barely walk, I was determined to not leave this world without having at least attempted my dream trip.

Blocked Emotions Block Energy (Creating Fatigue)

As I travelled across the world, I was still searching for answers, and tried many more therapies. By now the tally was at around 200. To cut a very long story short, I finally found the reasons for the fatigue: I was unconsciously blocking my emotional energy, which was using all my energy up, and the reason I was experiencing depression was because I was 'de-pressing' my emotions.

From that moment on everything changed. I knew the solution to getting well lay in learnig to self-clear my emotions, and I began to learn everything I could about emotions, including:

  • how to identify and label what I was feeling at any given moment
  • where emotions hang out inside the body (inside the organs)
  • how to find the hidden emotions lurking beneath symptoms of pain and fatigue
  • how to self-clear negative emotions so that symptoms can disappear

From that moment on my life changed. Over a period of time, I healed myself from multiple chronic health conditions and symptoms including CFS, clinical depression, asthma, allergies, UTI's, chronic back pain and more.

Every time I doubted it was possible to clear physical symptoms by identifying and clearing hidden emotions, I proved myself wrong: just as I was about to take myself off to the doctor again in despair, somehow I would have an 'emotional breakthrough' and the physical symptoms would disappear. Over and over and over again I proved to myself that trapped emotional energy was the cause of my symptoms. The proof was irrefutable.

I was so fascinated by the topic of how emotions create illness that I spent every moment I had studying the topic, and trained in multiple modalities for clearing emotional energy.

Helping Others

Once I got myself well (which took a while, because I was 'trial and testing' it for myself), people started asking me to help them with their physical pain and fatigue.

Event though I had never planned to be a therapist, by now I had trained in so many emotional healing therapies I was now professionally trained to help others! So I started helping people with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, as well as IBS and other seemingly inexplicable symptoms.

And they got well too! This stuff really worked!

I never planned to do this work. I had been on track for a career in the film industry! But as the saying goes 'if you want to make God laugh, tell him (her) your plans'.

I am forever grateful for this understanding, because this information is so needed in our world today. It gives you the ability to take so much more control over your health and wellbeing, and takes away so much fear associated with illness. 

If you have been looking for answers to chronic illness, and have not yet investigated root emotional causes, I recommend this as a first start.

And remember, your body has an incredible ability to self-heal as long as you stop doing which is unconsciously harming it. (You can find out all about this in the free 'What If' Secrets to Health video series).


About the 6 Core Emotions which create havoc inside your body video

According to psychologists, we have 34,000 different emotions!

I have found we can boil the hundreds of harmful emotions which contribute to illness down to 6 core emotions.

This video explains which 6 core emotions can cause the most problems in your life by causing toxicity in your mind and body.

You will also understand why 'Thoughts are rational, feelings are irrational, you can't think your feelings away' and what you need to do instead. 

And you will also learn how you can dissolve toxic emotions through the 'Secret of the Inner Smile'!


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Medical Disclaimer:

The information in this video series, and any information on this site, is for informational purposes only. Kim Knight Health does not diagnose, cure, heal or treat any illness or person. Please use your sound judgement and seek out whatever medical or natural health solutions you need to in order to help you. 

Important Note:

I am not suggesting illness only has metaphysical / emotional issues as the root cause. There are many, many factors which go towards creating illness, including physical, environmental, lifestyle, social, belief, habit, lifestyle, mental, emotional, genetic, epigenetic, ancestral, karmic and more influences! However, my focus and speciality is the stress-trauma-belief-emotional root causes, because with all the clients I have worked with over the years, emotional-trauma-stress factors have always revealed themselves to play a significant part in the creation of symptoms.  This is an area which is commonly missed when looking for the cause or solution to illness!

The subject matter of all the many different causes of illness is explored in detail in my 'What Causes Illness' program.

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