The 9 Pillars of Health Mastery

This program explains the necessary steps we must take to resolve a health issue on a truly holistic level. It is based on Kim's signature TKM (The Knight Method) methodology for reversing illness.

This program includes in depth explanations on:

  • 'The 3 levels of communication': how your body communicates to you before it develops symptoms or illness
  • 'The 4 quadrants of being': understanding why physical symptoms are often not created by something physical, and therefore cannot always be cleared with only physical means!
  • 'The 5 steps to Health': the 5 steps we must take to resolve a health issue
  • 'The 6 steps to positive, lasting change': how the TKM approach can help you get the results you want!
  • 'The 7 steps to illness (or health)': the 7 things that happen that either lead to health or illness!
  • 'The 8 causes of fatigue': 8 different types of fatigue so you can tell which one(s) you have and what is causing it
  • 'The 9 pillars of health mastery': the 9 life areas which must all be taken into account to effect truly holistic healing
  • Client success stories: how clients, who had tried multiple approaches without success and almost given up hope, found their way back to health using Kim's 9 Pillars of Health Mastery and TKM approach.
  • How to work with Kim to transform your life... today.

Includes video explanations, handy pdf downloads, downloadable mp3 files and more. 


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