Introduction to Emotional Mastery

In this Introduction to Emotional Mastery Mini Series, you will learn the radical importance emotions play in your life, and why your health, happiness and success literally depend on effectively and mindfully managing your feelings.

How do I know this?

Because I became chronically unhappy (clinical depression) and chronically sick (chronic fatigue syndrome) as a result of bottling up a lifetime of emotions. It took me years to work out why I was unhappy and unwell, and it was only when I understood the incredible power of emotions to effect our mind and body that I learned how to clear away the depression and fatigue through mastering my emotional life. 

In this 3 part series, jam packed with information, you will learn heaps about emotions...

In Part 1 you will learn:

- how and why emotions are generated in the body
- how and why emotions get stuck in the body
- how to tell if emotions are stuck inside you
- why negative emotions are actually positive!
- what quantum physics says about emotions
- why all the happiness you could ever want may already be inside of you, and how to find it
- why your very survival may rest upon being able to understand your emotions
- how you have 3 brains, how each brain has a different job, and why you need to know
- how shocks and traumas affect your health deep within the cells
- the very first step you must to take to manage stuck emotional energy
- and more...

In part 2 you will learn:

- which different organs are affected by both negative and positive emotions
- where emotions like anger, worry, fear, sadness, stress, judgement are stored in your body
- where joy, love, trust, peace, gentleness and kindness are stored in your body
- the 4 'brain relays' in the body which are 'triggered' by different emotional themes
- the 4 emotional survival 'themes' which relate to different parts of the body
- and more...

In Part 3 you will learn:

- why it is essential for personal evolution and the evolution of humanity that you learn how to manage your emotions
- how your Soul communicates to us via your emotions
- how to develop 'virtuous' energy in your organs
- the 5 'heart' qualities you need to cultivate in order to experience true happiness, peace and success
- an exercise to dissolve almost any emotion in seconds
- and more...

If you are wanting to find more happiness, peace and control of your wellbeing, emotional mastery is a must!

About Kim

Kim is an award-winning health and empowerment coach for women. Her speciality areas are emotional mastery, healing life trauma, stress eradication, stopping bullies and chronic illness recovery without medication or supplements.

She is known as the ‘Kiwi Health Detective’ for her ability to isolate the root cause of complex and seemingly inexplicable symptoms in just 90 minutes. In particular she specializes in identifying and clearing the ‘meta’ (‘beyond’) physical causation of severe physical symptoms, especially CFS (chronic fatigue), ME, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, IBS and associated pain and fatigue conditions. She is the creator of ‘The Knight Method of Transformation’, a set of self-help strategies for clearing physical pain, fatigue, stress and emotions with ease.

Kim has appeared on national television and her work has featured in many health magazines. She is a frequent guest on international summits, podcast and radio shows. She was a finalist for New Zealand Woman of the Year for ‘contribution and innovation in health and science’ and won ‘best paper’ at the New Zealand Health Informatics Awards in 2016 for her work in telehealth.

Kim works worldwide in Asia, Europe, America, The Pacific and Australasia through private coaching and online self-help programs.

Kim is passionate about giving people the skills and strategies to transform their lives from the inside out – this is what self mastery and freedom are all about!


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