The Inner Smile is an ancient meditation technique, passed down for centuries, which shows you how to dissolve toxic emotions from the internal organs in order to restore inner harmony and peace.

Teach Me the Inner Smile!

What is the Inner Smile?

The Inner Smile is an internal visualization and meditation technique passed down for centuries in the East where you smile to your internal organs to dissolve toxic trapped emotions like anger, frustration, fear, sadness, grief, worry and more.

In our busy fast-paced, stressful lifestyle, we unwittingly build up a backlog of toxic emotions which get stored in the organs (heart, lungs, liver, kidneys etc) affecting their proper physiological function.

For example anger gets stored in the liver which is why we say "I was livid with anger".  Worry affects the stomach and spleen which is why we say "I was sick with worry".

This meditation technique teaches you how to dissolve these emotions quickly, easily, safely and efficiently, PLUS it lets you get in touch with the natural state of joy, happiness, peace, gentleness and other positive 'virtues' already inside you but 'hiding' behind the negative emotions!

Practising this technique daily can literally transform your life, helping you get rid of chronic illness, unhappiness, anxiety, depression and more.

This technique is one of the MAIN techniques I used to get myself well from clinical depression and chronic fatigue.


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The Problem

What happens when emotions get stuck inside you?

Negative' or 'toxic' emotions have been proven to detrimentally affect health and wellbeing. If you can't get rid of emotions like fear, anger, hurt, betrayal, frustration, sadness, grief, they will unconsciously get stored inside the body creating a sense of 'dis-ease' which can eventually turn into 'disease' (ie symptoms and pain of either mental, emotional or physical illness).

Why is this?

Because emotions are a form of energy which once generated inside the body-mind do not disappear by themselves*. We have to do something to clear emotions from the body-mind! If they are not constructively cleared, they just hang around in the body causing unhappiness and then later physical symptoms and illness.

How can this be so?

Because, fascinatingly enough, certain emotions gravitate to and are stored in certain organs, tissues and cells! Also, emotions are generated from inside the body (not just the head as some people think) and are actually created from inside certain organs!

So for example, when you say 'I was livid with anger' we really mean just that - your 'liver' is hanging on to your pent up anger and frustration, which means it's not only doing its job of getting rid of physical toxins (like alcohol, medication, pesticides, herbicides and junk food) it's also having to get rid of toxic emotional energy!

Or if you say 'I was sick with worry' this is literally the truth: if you overthink and worry you can feel sick, dizzy and nauseous, and your stomach won't be able to digest your food properly which will lead to symptoms like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), food intolerances, ulcers, diabetes etc.

It's the same for all the other internal organs: the heart, lungs, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, large intestine etc.

And what most people tend to forget is your internal organs are responsible for keeping you alive!

If you hold negative feelings inside, they affect the physical functioning of your body. Storing toxic emotions also makes you feel grumpy, groggy, brain-fogged, intolerant, impatient and more unpleasant feelings. 

In every day life, we experience many types of emotions, and every emotion has its cumulative effect inside the body. If these emotions are not cleared (and often you don't even know they are even there!) they will compromise the healthy functioning of your internal organs, and the outcome is you will feel unhappy or unwell.

How can you clear negative emotions from the body?

This once secret technique has been passed down for centuries from teacher to student!

In this meditation series you learn how to connect with each of the major internal organs (liver, heart, lungs etc) to clear out negative emotional energies which have been stored there. At the same time, you also discover these energies can be transformed into positive energy for rejuvinating the mind and body. Plus you tap into the positive 'virtues' emotions which are already inside of you.

As you clear away the 'clouds of negativity' you begin to rediscover the natural state of joy, happiness and peace (ie the sunshine and blue sky behind the clouds) which has always been inside you, but was inaccessible due to the old stored emotions.

Learning to smile to your internal organs can literally transform your life from the inside out!

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The Solution

Why 'clouds' of negative emotions stop you experiencing the 'sunshine' of happiness

Ancient Chinese masters taught that one of the keys to good health was to transform negative emotional energies and then cultivate 'positive virtues' (happy emotions).

They understood how all humans are born with the positive virtues of love, gentleness, kindness, respect, honesty, fairness, justice, and righteousness inside of them, and how these positive energies get covered over by negative emotions and the stresses of daily life. When this happens we can no longer experience good health or the joy of living in our natural state of 'joie de vivre'.

We can liken this to getting in a plane and flying through the clouds on a wet, rainy day up above the clouds where you see the sunshine is, and was, always there!

Believe it or not, you have all the happiness you could ever wish for inside of you, but if it is covered over with unhappy clouds of negative emotions, you can never experience this happiness, or will only experience it from time to time.

The goal is to experience a sense of joy and happiness inside at all times, no matter what is going on in your life. This is possible if you know how.

Course Curriculum

During this comprehensive program you will learn a mixture of essential theory and practice:


  • History of the Inner Smile
  • Theory of the 5 elemental forces of nature
  • Basic Qigong theory, theory of Unification of Jing Qi and Shen
  • Theory of negative emotions and internal organs
  • Theory of positive virtues and internal organs
  • Creative and control cycles of the 5 elemental forces of nature
  • Theory of microcosmic orbit, Yin Yang theory
  • Anatomy of a Smile and 3 types of smiles
  • 5 Major and Minor Organ systems
  • The Meridian Timetable
  • 5 Elemental forces of nature, planets and sacred animals


  • Bringing the child senses to rest with the parent organs
  • Inner Smile Meditation to the 5 Major Organs
  • Inner Smile Meditation to the 5 Minor Organs 
Teach Me The Inner Smile Now!

"Thank you for sharing this beautiful meditation. As I smiled at parts of my body I saw those filling with light!"

"I enjoyed your teachings very much. I feel it is easy for me to pick up your theory on the 5 Chinese elements, how Qi plays the key role in meditation and how to heal the body and mental stress."

"I always enjoy doing the meditation when I am stressed or lack of control of my mind, and find it's very helpful to calm down, especially in the fast pace lifestyle nowadays. I strongly recommend your program to friends who are interested and come to me for information"

Anytime Online Access to Program

Once you register for the program, you will have immediate access to a private membership portal where all the course materials are stored, including pre-recorded lessons, handouts and video / audio files etc.

Mp3 audio recordings of the classes and meditations are available for download, yours to keep.

Mp4 video recordings of the lesson are available to watch online 24/7 through your private access membership portal. You can view from any mobile device with internet connection.

All instructions on how to access, listen and view course materials, as well as live classes, is clearly outlined once you have online access after registration.

Continuing online program access is available for a minimum of 12 months from sign up, and in general for as long as the program is available online, ie for the lifetime of the program (ie as long as the program exists).

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[Video] The 6 Core Emotions which cause 'De-pression' and 'Dis-ease'

In this video you will learn which organs store and affected by which specific negative emotions, and what positive emotions you can grow instead!


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[Video] How I overcame chronic fatigue and depression

In this video I share how I used the Inner Smile meditation to heal myself from illness.

How stuck emotions turned into chronic fatigue and depression

30 years ago I was chronically ill because I had unconsciously stored a heap of emotions inside of me since childhood.

In my late 20's I was diagnosed with clinical depression (the unconscious 'de-pressing' of emotions) and in my 30's I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome CFS (the using up of all my energy to unconsciously keeping my emotions suppressed). 

I was so ill I was unable to work for 10 years, and at one point, after being ill for so long, really thought I might never get better. 

Discovering this meditation practice was one of the keys to getting my health back. In fact, learning how to clear toxic emotions from inside me was THE key to getting my health (and life) back.

Once I learned the connection between emotions and symptoms of pain and fatigue, I immediately started to practice this meditation, and practiced it every day until I got well.

Try a Taster of the Inner Smile!

A Quick 4 Minute Meditation to bring your 'Child' Senses inwards to their 'Parent' organs!

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*The law of physics states that energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be transformed. In this meditation you learn how to transform negative emotion into neutral energy and clear it from the body.


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