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In-person workshops and online guided self-help programs

Upcoming live trainings with Kim

EAL5 - A Return to Health 

Feb - April 2020 - virtual live training program

Kim's signature training in how to reverse symptoms of just about any chronic illness without having to use medication or supplements. REGISTRATION OPEN NOW.

3 Month Live Training Feb-April 2020

Coming Soon

Wisdom Training

June - August 2020 - virtual live training program

Learn how to cultivate 'wisdom' virtues and the 5 essential qualities of the heart to replace old negative programming and connect with your True Self. (Sign up to the enews here to be notified when registration opens).

2 Month Live Training June-Aug 2020

Mind Mastery 

Sept - Nov 2020 - virtual live training program

Set yourself free by transforming negative mental patterning and unconscious programming. (Note - EAL7 is a pre-requisite training for EAL6). (Sign up to the enews here to be notified when registration opens).

3 Month Live Training Sept-Nov 2020

How to train your heart mind and gut brain 

2020 - virtual live training program - join anytime

Are you making use of your 3 brains? Do you know that doing so is critical for staying safe, happy and healthy? Do you know your heart is the gateway to your intuition (inner tutor) and Soul? Learn how to consciously use your 3 brains and transform your life in more ways than you can imagine.  (Sign up to the enews here to be notified when registration opens).

Registration coming soon

Previous Recent Events

A sampling of past events now available on demand

Freedom from Financial Fears

18 Dec 2019 NZT - virtual live training masterclass

Learn the secrets to overcoming financial dread, fear of financial ruin, fear of having no money or home etc. 

Freedom from Financial Fears Masterclass

2020 Personal Growth and Transformation

Free Webinar with Kim

Where will you be in 2020? Are you on track with your personal growth and health? Join this webinar and find out how you can transform your life for the better in 2020.

Free Webinar with Kim

MCT Manage, Clear and Transform Toxic Emotions

ON NOW - virtual live training program - join anytime

Learn how to self-manage and get rid of the 7 most toxic emotions which lead to anxiety, depression, chronic unhappiness and physical symptoms. 

MCT 4 Week Live Training

Anytime On Demand Trainings (Online)

Check the full online listing page for LIVE and anytime 'on demand' trainings with Kim.


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