Why Your Symptoms Are Not The Enemy

When clients learn to understand their illness, they learn 'their symptoms are not the enemy'. Their symptoms are there as a CONSEQUENCE of failing to take proper care of themselves. Their symptoms are the END-RESULT.
When people have experienced a VIRUS before getting chronic fatigue or ME or fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses, and up until now have blamed the virus FOR the fatigue and pain, they learn instead the virus was the LAST-STRAW EFFECT - 'taking them down' with exhaustion and pain so they had to STOP.
Why did they have to stop?
Because they needed to make BIG CHANGES in their life - in how they are living: their habits of thinking, their habits of behaviour, their emotional habits, their stress habits, their SELF CARE habits. Many MANY changes.
When we work together (either 1-1 or in online DIY programs) they learn these precise changes. And once they change their thinking, their habits, their lifestyle, how they deal with their emotions and stress... EVERYTHING CHANGES AND THE BODY SELF-HEALS. Because their natural state of health IS health. The body RESTORES itself to its NATURAL state of health when we take away what has been harming it.
We don't 'get rid of symptoms' (although people want to). We take away and ELIMINATE what is PREVENTING the natural state of health. We eliminate what is unnatural.
So one by one people learn how to restore themselves to their natural state of health, which really means RETURNING to a natural and harmonious way of life. (Hence the name of one of my signature programs - 'A Return to Health').
And so it is with this global virus. We are being asked to STOP. We are being asked to STOP doing what is UNNATURAL and to restore harmony - to the PLANET. To live again in harmony with the LAWS OF NATURE and to stop breaking the laws of health and the LAWS OF LIFE.
This is what we are being asked to do. On a COLLECTIVE LEVEL.
It will take much work, because change always does.
And rather than doing it on an individual level, we are now being asked to do it on a COLLECTIVE level. This is major. It's a big challenge, because big change always is a test.
But we CAN get through, because we are built to get through. We are built for change. We can do this.



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