Why am I sick? What Causes Illness?

Discover the multitude of factors which contribute to the creation of illness.

"I wish we had learned this stuff in medical school" - comment from medical doctor

In this program we will look in depth at the many factors which contribute to the creation of illness and dis-ease.

  • You will learn the multitude of factors which contribute at a physical level to creating physical symptoms, for example, the environment, toxins, improper food and water and more...
  • You will learn how many physical symptoms do not have a physical cause, which is why often medication, surgery or supplements do not help...
  • You will learn the role that stress and emotions play in the build up of physical symptoms...
  • You will learn how the mind has the power to create or discreate physical symptoms, and why learning to manage our mind is paramount for health...
  • You will learn how being off track and off purpose in your life can make you ill, and why this can be considered a form of 'spiritual' illness...
  • And much more!!

This series will open your mind to many more reasons for illness than you may ever have imagined!

Why is this important?

Because unless you understand, investigate and address all the possible causes of your illness, it can be difficult, even impossible, to effect a complete resolution.

If it's time to see things from a new perspective, and get answers as to why you may be ill, this series could change your life!


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