Why Your Symptoms Are Not The Enemy

Mar 20, 2020
When clients learn to understand their illness, they learn 'their symptoms are not the enemy'. Their symptoms are there as a CONSEQUENCE of failing to take proper care of themselves. Their symptoms are the END-RESULT.
When people have experienced a VIRUS before getting chronic fatigue or ME or fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses, and up until now have blamed the virus FOR the fatigue and pain, they learn instead the virus was the LAST-STRAW EFFECT - 'taking them down' with...
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Coronavirus- A different perspective

Jan 30, 2020

The reason people 'come down with a virus' and then cannot recover is often NOT because the virus is not going away. It's because they are not stopping the damage they have already done which previously weakened their immune system, and are still doing, which is preventing the body restoring itself to, or maintaining, its natural state of health.

In my work as a health coach, I have studied the root cause of illness and worked with clients for 30 years now who have had a whole range...

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