What Healthcare and Therapies are Right for Me?

After having tried over 220 different therapies to get well, I have a profound understanding of the different types of healthcare approaches available.

So do you know all the healthcare choices available to you?

If you've grown up believing only medication, surgery or supplements can help, think again - the information in this series will blow your mind as to what is REALLY possible!

Most people have been brought up to think the way to deal with physical symptoms is to change nutrition and exercise, or use surgery, medication, supplements etc. Whilst these are all important, they only scratch the surface of what is possible.

How do I know this?

Over the past 25 years, after healing myself without medication or supplements from several serious illnesses, including chronic fatigue, asthma, allergies, back pain, clinical depression and more, I’ve discovered there are many more ways to get rid of symptoms: In fact I've found that most physical illnesses can only be fully cleared if we help ourselves in a holistic manner, which means also addressing our emotions, mind, thoughts, beliefs and spiritual selves.

Dealing with physical problems through physical means (ie surgery, medication, supplements) is what I now call 'level one' healthcare. I’ve since discovered there are many more levels of healthcare beyond this first level, and unless we tap into these other options, it's highly likely we will inadvertently prevent a successful outcome! This can lead us to feel frustrated when we’re trying so hard, spending so much time and money on trying to get well, and it’s not working. Can you relate?

So I’m happy to report there is another way!

In this 'Which Healthcare Model is right for Me?' series I will walk you ‘up the mountain of healthcare options’ to discover solutions you may never have known existed!

As you move up the mountain and gain altitude, you will discover new perspectives and views you may never have seen, simply because you were never high enough up the mountain to get a high enough view to see them

In other words, these healthcare options have always been there, you just didn’t know! How crazy is that? Crazy but true!

5 Levels of Healthcare, Consciousness and You

The levels of healthcare you find and choose also depend on your openness to see fresh viewpoints and perspectives, which relates directly with what you learned growing up about healthcare.

This program is not just about types of therapy (eg, doctor, acupuncture, naturopath)... it's about the 'altitude of consciousness' that each of these modalities operate from.

You will discover what level(s) of healthcare you are currently operating at and find out if it’s time to discover new options.

By understanding the levels of healthcare available to you, you can radically increase the opportunities to successfully resolve your health issues in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible.

It took me 25 years to research, discover and piece together this information. Now I bring it to you in just 3 hours! Completely free!

What people say about this program

"Congratulations Kim, what a great job you have done producing this series. It is such a good way to explain this subject to people, especially those who have never heard of all this stuff or just never understood that they had choices and hope to make them. It is just what is needed to help people shift their mindset about health, sickness and what to do about it. Well done and keep up the great work you are doing. Regards from your Ozzie fan, Veronica" 

"Highly interesting and informative with clear descriptions, some excellent graphics and overall very welcomed. All videos/ audios were most welcomed and wonderfully explained. Although very new to this approach, I relate well to your healing model, the practicality and explanations. I have been cursed with symptom treatment for other 20 years. I will be exploring this website further in the weeks ahead and will undoubtedly be in touch". Phil, USA

About Kim


Kim is an award-winning health and empowerment coach for women. Her speciality areas are emotional mastery, healing life trauma, stress eradication, stopping bullies and chronic illness recovery without medication or supplements.

She is known as the ‘Kiwi Health Detective’ for her ability to isolate the root cause of complex and seemingly inexplicable symptoms in just 90 minutes. In particular she specializes in identifying and clearing the ‘meta’ (‘beyond’) physical causation of severe physical symptoms, especially CFS (chronic fatigue), ME, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, IBS and associated pain and fatigue conditions. She is the creator of ‘The Knight Method of Transformation’, a set of self-help strategies for clearing physical pain, fatigue, stress and emotions with ease.

Kim has appeared on national television and her work has featured in many health magazines. She is a frequent guest on international summits, podcast and radio shows. She was a finalist for New Zealand Woman of the Year for ‘contribution and innovation in health and science’ and won ‘best paper’ at the New Zealand Health Informatics Awards in 2016 for her work in telehealth.

Kim works worldwide in Asia, Europe, America, The Pacific and Australasia through private coaching and online self-help programs.

Kim is passionate about giving people the skills and strategies to transform their lives from the inside out – this is what self mastery and freedom are all about!


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