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'What If' Secrets to Health

What if the answers to your health problems are already right here?

What you'll learn in this series:

  • Why your body is far too intelligent to make mistakes
  • Why symptoms are not random and have an intelligent purpose
  • Why most illness is unconsciously set up by the age of 7
  • How your body is a natural self-healing mechanism which you can learn to operate (if you have the operating manual)
  • Why, if you don't pull out the 'root' (causes) of illness, the 'leaves of the plant' (symptoms) can re-grow
  • What's stopping you getting well, and how you can unconsciously keep yourself sick
  • Why illness doesn’t need healing, and what does need healing instead
  • Why symptoms are often a sign the body is already healing itself
  • How understanding this takes away the CONFUSION AND FEAR of illness
  • And much more cutting-edge information which will revolutionize your understanding of illness and health

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What People Are Saying:

Since watching this program I have noticed huge changes in my life and my feelings the past few weeks!


The information in this series has completely changed how I view illness! After spending years being told there is no reason for my symptoms, I am now sure I can get well.