Do You Fear The Big 'C'? Dispelling Myths and Fear.

cancer Jun 07, 2019

100 people A DAY are diagnosed with cancer in New Zealand. That's 3,000 people a month.

What is really sad about this is that for most people this is what will happen:

1. They will be shocked and traumatized by the diagnosis.

2. Their nervous system will flip into fear, which automatically puts more stress on the body's systems, which in turn hampers the body's ability to self-heal, because the body needs a certain level of 'calm' for the auto-healing response to kick in. In fact, returning to a state of true calm can create miraculous transformations on a physiological level.

3. If they are only aware of conventional treatment options (chemo, radiation, surgery etc), they will not know there are other ways the body can restore health - simply because no-one has ever told them there are other options.

4. They will not be told that there are almost always 'bio-logical' reasons for the body creating illness, (in other words, symptoms are rarely random, because the body rarely makes mistakes). They will not know that symptoms are often the manifestation of chronic stress and trauma which has eventually turned into a physiological imbalance, which shows up as symptoms. 

5. They will not be told how often symptoms such as 'abnormal growths' are in fact a sign of auto-regulation and self-healing, indicating the body is in a healing phase, indicating the emotional factors have yet to be completed.

6A. They will not be told that most conventional medical doctors have not been trained in the root stress-emotional-belief-behavioural-social-environmental causes of illness, a relatively new branch of medicine which is not yet taught in medical schools, and that therefore the medical specialists do 'not know what they don't know', and are operating from a limited understanding of the truth. 

6B. Because they have been brought up in a world where the conventional medical system is seen as the 'right' system... and natural therapists are not (yet) considered 'authentic', they will believe that 'the system' is right and the best or only way to go, and will dismiss 'alternative' approaches which may be more common-sense.

7. They will not be told that the body rarely makes mistakes, and is far too intelligent to make mistakes, and how symptoms (disease) are the outward manifestation of an inner state of chronic stress or trauma ('dis-ease').

8. They will not have been taught how the body has an incredible capacity to self-heal if the psycho-emotional-stress-social-environmental causes are addressed and resolved, because the body is a holistic entity. They will not understand that unless all levels of one's being are simultaneously and holistically addressed, it cannot complete its own healing. 

9. They will not be told that understanding the root cause can take as little as one or two hours with an expert trained in root cause analysis.

10. They will go into 'worst-case-scenario' thoughts in their mind and often make decisions based on fear rather than informed advice.

11. They may be told by their doctors and specialists that the only way to deal with the issue is to go down the conventional route of chemo / radiation / surgery, without understanding that the reason the said doctors and specialists are recommending this is because they themselves are either unaware of or don't believe there are other options.

12. Because they (the patient) are in a state of ignorance and fear, they will act out of this ignorance and fear, and when we act from fear, it will usually be a limiting response.


A New Approach To Healthcare


By understanding the stress-emotional-psycho-social-behavioural-belief-environmental causes of symptoms and diagnosed health conditions you can:

1. Understand that there are almost ALWAYS identifiable reasons for illness - in other words the exact cause can be traced and identified (how freeing would that be? to irrefutably know what has caused your symptoms?).

2. Understand exactly what stage of the 'stress-regeneration' natural healing cycle your body is in - in other words, is the body in self-repair yet or not? Are the symptoms are a sign of healing rather than things getting worse?

3. Understand exactly what the stress-emotional-psycho-social-behavioural-belief-environmental cause of your symptoms are... so that you know what you can do to bring the body back to balance.

4. NOT HAVE TO GO INTO FEAR as you understand the innate intelligence of the body, and that nothing happens by accident.

5. Understand there are tangible steps you can take to heal yourself, which may mean you don't have to poison your body with chemo or burn it with radiation or undergo harsh surgery, NONE of which will deal with the root emotional-stress-trauma-belief-lifestyle-environmental causes.

6. Understand that 'we heal a person, not an illness, we heal a whole person's life, not a health condition', because the illness is the end result of what has gone before.


Your Next Step Recommendations

If you want to know more about how to approach cancer (or any illness) in new more holistic ways:

  1. Check out the Anti Cancer Revolution Revolution
  2. Find yourself a root cause analysis practitioner who will help you identify the root stress-emotional-trauma-social-belief-behavioural-lifestyle-environmental causes. Yes, I am a root cause analysis practitioner, and I help people identify the root emotional-stress-belief-life event causes of illness, and then help them heal those stress--belief-behaviour-emotional issues, giving the body a better chance to restore homeostasis without harsh interventions. You can find out more about TKM root cause analysis here
  3. Check out the '8 Milestones of Self-Healing' online program which explains some of the root causes of breast and prostate cancer
  4. Watch the 'Lifestyle Medicine' film which shares cutting-edge new approaches to health
  5. Watch my free 'What If - Secrets to Health' series, which explains about root cause analysis
  6. Watch my free '9 Pillars of Health Mastery' series which explains the 9 core life areas which need to be holistically addressed to effect a total solution
  7. Watch the 'Which healthcare is right for me?' program which explains how your level of consciousness dictates the types of therapies you will come across, choose or hear of
  8. Check out a range of cutting-edge, self-help approaches to managing health


Medical Disclaimer:

1. Kim Knight Health does not diagnose, treat, cure or heal any person or illness. There is never a guarantee as to how or when one can recover from chronic illness. However, there are plenty of stories of recovery from chronic illness without having to go down the path of the accepted societal norms. It's up to you which route(s) you take, and sometimes we need more than one route, ie a mix of conventional and natural approaches. There is no 'one right way', but there is what is right for you, and the more informed you are, the more choices you have.

2. I am not an expert in cancer. But I am an expert in root cause analysis of many different chronic illnesses, including cancer, because at the end of the day 'disease' is a state of 'unconscious dis-ease', and I am an expert at helping people identify their unconscious and unrecognized 'dis-ease' so they can reverse it to restore health and harmony.

3. I am legally bound to advise you that you seek the advice of an expert medical professional if you feel the need to do so, and I am a firm believer in seeking out the right medical advice which suits your personal values and beliefs. 

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