Lifestyle Prescriptions®: The 8 Milestones of Self-Healing

An introductory training explaining Lifestyle Prescriptions® - a brand new approach to healthcare which hands you back you power and shows you the exact causes of over 1000 physical symptoms and health condition diagnoses.

Includes video training 'symptoms - meaningful or meaningless?' - an exploration into why symptoms have an intelligent biological purpose, if we know how to interpret their meaning and message.

Includes video training 'the 5 points and phases of healing' - the 5 points and phases of the natural self-healing cycle of the body which must completed for the body to clear illness.

Includes video training the '8 milestones of self-healing' - the 8 check steps which need to be covered to reverse dis-ease naturally. 

Includes video training 'stress emotional conflict themes of breast cancer' - the precise reasons which cause breast cells to become cancerous, so you can understand the reasons behind your symptoms.

Includes 2 full colour reference charts 'The 50 most important organs and stressors' which cause illness, and 'The emotional stress conflict themes of breast and prostate cancer'.


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