Smile! Your Symptoms are Healthy! (part 3 of 3)

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The more adept you become at understanding the body's natural healing response, the more you are going to avoid panicking or seeking out medical help which may be unnecessary, or even prevent the body completing its natural self-healing cycle.

Examples of Healing Responses

I've lost count of the number of very real healing responses I've had, but I'll share a few so you can see what can happen. It will also help you to understand the connection between underlying emotional causes and how old emotional pain manifests as physical symptoms.

Back Pain Healing Response

Even though I know that almost any physical pain I experience has an emotional cause or undertone, sometimes it's useful and necessary to get physical help. One day I was experiencing a sore left knee, and took myself to my cranio-sacral osteopath for a treatment. Even though I knew she had done good work, the next day I woke up in agony, barely able to walk. My left hip was very sore and stiff. Obviously on a physical level the work she did had a knock-on effect on my hip, quite possibly because the origin of the issues was actually from the hip. I spent the next 36 hours barely able to walk. The next day I felt slightly better and made it out to the shops. While I was out something happened which triggered some anger, which I self-processed and dealt with it. As soon as I did this, the physical pain disappeared immediately and I could walk again without pain. It was as if the physical pain had never been there.

This story is a great example of a couple of things:

  1. How emotional pain can get stored in the body and manifest as physical pain which can be cleared in seconds once the emotional cause is cleared
  2. How the body can go into a natural physical healing response after a therapeutic treatment

Depression Healing Response

A few years ago I returned from an intensive 2 week training. Two weeks after my return I woke up one day experiencing intense depression which seemed to 'appear out of nowhere'. On the second day, I recognized that it could be a healing response after the in depth transformational work of the training. I held it as a possibility that it was, and sure enough, a couple of days later the depression lifted and was gone. I could clearly see that it had been old energy and information clearing out of the cells after the training. 

This story is a great example of:

  1. How it's important to always question and hold it as a possibility, you may be experiencing a healing response if you get sick shortly after a treatment, therapy or program of deep transformation, because the body always needs to complete the natural self-healing cycle, which may necessitate a healing response
  2. How it's important not to panic and stay calm if you suspect your body is going through a healing response 

Emotional melt-down healing response

Not too long ago I did another intense 10 day emotional healing residential training. Two days after the training, I was flying up to Scotland to visit a friend. It was a hell experience at the airport: I arrived late in the rain to find a 30 minute queue to get through to the x-ray machines - my flight was due to leave in 20 minutes!

I managed to get to the front of the queue and then had my liquids confiscated because the decanted bottles were too big even though the amount of liquid in them was under the limit. I was rather annoyed (under-statement) because I had bought a beautiful Swiss liqueur as a gift for my friend and it was unceremoniously confiscated.

I then ran through the busiest crowd of people I have ever experienced at an airport, through a maze of corridors, to get to the gate, and just as I neared the gate realized I had forgotten my laptop at the x-ray machine as a result of being distracted by the liquids saga. At that point I lost it and broke down. I was exhausted and at the end of my tether. Never in 45 years of flying had I ever been late for or missed a flight! This was going to be a first. The choice was getting on the plane or leaving my precious laptop: there was no contest, and the laptop had to be saved. 

After making my way back to the x-ray machines, I was relieved to reclaim my laptop, and devastated to have missed my flight. I stood sobbing by the customs desk, no longer caring that I looked like a total lunatic. 

There was more drama even after this before I finally got to a hotel room to stay the night before flying out the next morning which I won't go into here, but the point here is this:

I had an emotional breakdown at the airport not because of arriving late for my flight / having items confiscated / missing the flight etc, but because those events triggered a huge emotional clearing which needed to happen after the very intense training I had just completed. 

This is the wonder of how the universe works, if we can see the deeper meaning and purpose in what happens to us. 

As I lay in bed in my hotel room that night, I did some deep emotional processing and clearing work to complete the emotional healing response which had been triggered, and by the morning I was right as rain. 

Physical Healing Response after medical treatment

The fact of the matter is that most medical procedures and treatments are going to trigger a healing response in the body. 

Some years ago I had an intravenous iron transfusion. I completely forgot that iron transfusions can trigger a physical response in the body.

The next morning I woke up feeling as sick as a dog. I spent the next few hours with a high fever, vomiting, barely able to move a muscle. I felt like I was dying. 

Had I not recognized and held it as a possibility that my body was going through a healing response as a result of the iron transfusion, as my wondrous body intelligence strove to rebalance itself and find homeostasis after having had an enormous influx of iron shot into it in one go, I would have called an ambulance. 

However, I decided to ride it out and sure enough within 24 hours it was as if nothing had happened. I was better. 


There are many, many more healing response stories I could relate, but I hope from these few examples you can start to understand the principle and how it works.  

Obviously it takes practice and skill to tell if one is experiencing a healing response, how to navigate one while it is happening, and how to tell if it's symptoms of illness (which are still a healing response but of another kind - that's a whole other story).

Therefore if in doubt always seek appropriate medical support and advice. However, the more adept you become at understanding this phenomenon, the more you are going to avoid panicking or seeking out medical help which may not be necessary, and could even interfere and prevent the body completing its natural healing process.

It will also stop a heap of unnecessary fear that something has gone horribly wrong in your body-mind, when the truth is your body is just doing its job to regain homeostasis.


*Actually, direct symptoms of illness are a type of 'healing response' in themselves because the body IS trying to heal itself if it is sending symptoms, but it would complicate things to go into detail on that here. 

**Depression and anxiety are not technically emotions - they are symptoms and symptomatic of an unconscious pattern of 'de-pressing' a group of emotions or being overwhelmed by too many emotions.

*** Watch a video on the natural healing cycle here on my You Tube channel

**** If ever in doubt, seek medical assistance. Until and unless you know how to tell the difference, it is essential you seek proper medical advice. Sometimes you may absolutely need life-saving medical attention.


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Kim Knight Health does not diagnose, treat, cure or heal any illness or health condition. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Please seek appropriate medical help if you are ever in doubt over symptoms. 

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