Smile! Your Symptoms are Healthy! (part 2 of 3)

(cont from part 1)...

Many people are unaware that when they have symptoms, their body may be in a natural 'healing response' or 'regeneration' cycle. They think something is going wrong when actually something is going right. If you know how to recognize a healing response (by cross-checking the list in part 1) you can hold it as a possibility it may be one. If it truly is one, you must then do the following:

How can you tell if you are in a healing response or not?

One of the things which can catch us out when we are experiencing a healing response is that we don't recognize when we are in it! We have been so conditioned to think that symptoms are 'bad' and that 'something must be going wrong' that we immediately jump to the conclusion that we are getting sick or worse.

Jumping to conclusions without complete information is a natural human tendency which we have to learn to monitor, because it can often lead us astray. (This goes for any area of our life!).

In order to know whether you are in a healing response or not, you need to know:

  1. What a healing response is (we've covered this already)
  2. The classic physical, mental and emotional signs of a healing response (covered at the start of this blog)
  3. The typical traits of healing response symptoms and how it differs from 'regular' symptoms (see below)
  4. The bigger picture of the natural 'stress-regeneration' cycle of the human body-mind for maintaining natural homeostasis (also described above

Typical traits of a healing response

As a rule of thumb there are several indicators symptoms may be a healing response. It's good to know them so you can cross-check to assess and monitor the situation:

Healing response symptoms often occur:

  • within minutes to 2 days of a healing treatment (eg massage, oestopathic appointment, acupuncture treatment, dental appointment, physio treatment etc)
  • usually happen within 72 hours of a healing session (including counselling, emotional release work, trauma healing etc)
  • within 24 hours of starting a detox regime or new diet (because the digestive system is now starting to get rid of emotional and / or physical toxins from the system
  • A few weeks after intense emotional / trauma release work
  • When we move out of a 'stress' phase into a 'regeneration' phase - eg, we go on holiday after a stressful period at work, and get sick as soon as we relax

What is essential to understand about healing response symptoms is that:

  • They are temporary and will pass. Normally they can pass in minutes or a few days (in my experience within 24-48 hours)
  • They are POSITIVE sign that something GOOD is happening in the body even though it feels awful and you can be in a lot of pain
  • They are a natural part of the self-healing cycle

Why can knowing this information change your life?

Many people are unaware that when they have symptoms, their body is in a healing response or natural 'regeneration' phase. They think something is wrong when actually something is right.

They rush off to the doctor worrying and fretting, when actually all they need to do is take care of themselves and ride it out.**** (see important note below).

If we know how to recognize a healing response (by cross-checking the list above) we can hold it as a possibility it may be one. If it truly is one, we must then do the following:

Keys to navigating a natural healing response

  • We stay calm and remind ourselves our body is in a self-healing phase and it knows what it is doing. It is incredibly intelligent, it knows how to look after us.
  • We look after ourselves and TAKE IT EASY. We do not push ourselves to work or 'keep going' when our body is CLEARLY asking us to rest so it can do its job. (Adverts on TV telling you to take flu medication and just 'carry on' are a classic example of erroneously educating people into thinking this is the right course of action, when it's probably not)
  • We EMBRACE the symptoms and THANK our incredible body for its amazing ability to self-regulate
  • We drink lots of water (as necessary) and take it easy, sleep, rest as necessary
  • We ride it out
  • If necessary we seek support, emotionally, medically or otherwise, to help us make it through

Examples of Healing Responses...


(See part 3 for examples of healing responses...)



Kim Knight Health does not diagnose, treat, cure or heal any illness or health condition. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Please seek appropriate medical attention if you are ever in doubt over symptoms. 

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