How Real is Your Fear?

emotionis fear Nov 21, 2019

MCT Series - part 3 - Fear

In order to know how to manage and clear (get rid of) negative emotions, we need to understand several things including:

  • What exactly are feelings (ie, what do they feel like and where are they located in your body?)
  • What are the causes of the emotion (including the 'surface' and 'root' causes)
  • What are the harmful consequences of emotions (so you have an impetus for wanting to stop experiencing them)
  • The important role emotions play in safe-guarding your life and why all emotions are intelligent
  • How emotions are neither good or bad, and why you don't have to feel bad for having emotions
  • How emotions are a unconscious habit you can train yourself out of
  • What the right tools are for clearing different emotions

So what is fear? Have you ever really stopped to feel where it arises inside your body? Do you know the harm it creates? Do you know how to stop being ruled by fear

Real and False Fear

There are many types of fear, and many causes, but one of the most important things to understand is that sometimes it's real, and sometimes it's not.

Real fear is triggered by the autonomic nervous system in response to a real survival threat. It's the body's way of alerting you to danger so that you can avoid the danger and stay alive. If we didn't have this automatic response, we wouldn't be able to escape danger.

False fear is triggered by the same part of the nervous system, but the threat is not necessarily real, or not real on a physical survival level. However it may be real on an emotional survival level, and the body will respond in the same way - with fear. 

Fear may also be completely unreal, created completely by the mind going into the future anticipating or imagining a future scenario. Even though this scenario has not happened, the body will respond in the same way as real fear, because it's programmed to keep you safe.

When fear becomes a problem

The problem with false fear is that it taxes the body mentally, emotionally and physically, causing unnecessary strain, even building up to serious chronic symptoms of physical illness. 

It is therefore essential that we learn:

  • to identify the difference between real and false fear
  • learn how to reduce stress and fear in order to stay healthy (and if necessary reduce symptoms of illness)

If you're ready to let go of fear, the MCT program will show you how:

Manage Clear and Transform the 7 Most Toxic Emotions

In the MCT 'Manage, Clear and Transform' Mini Series, you can learn how to get rid of fear, and the other 6 toxic emotions which cause the most havoc in the body-mind:

  1. Anger
  2. Sadness
  3. Fear
  4. Hurt
  5. Shame
  6. Guilt
  7. Loneliness

In the releasing fear module you will learn:

  • How to recognize and make friends with the feeling of fear inside your body
  • Which organs are most harmed by sadness and grief
  • What has created patterns of fear in you since childhood
  • The 4 core fears which all humans experience, which once you understand you can lessen immediately
  • Why fear becomes an unconscious habit by the age of 7
  • How you don't have to be afraid of fear
  • Quick and easy exercises to dispel fear quickly and easily
  • The types of physical symptoms and dis-eases are created by fear
  • and much more... there are 8 other modules, one for each emotion, plus a foundation and summary module

Join the MCT program now.

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