How Real is Your Fear?

Nov 21, 2019

MCT Series - part 3 - Fear

In order to know how to manage and clear (get rid of) negative emotions, we need to understand several things including:

  • What exactly are feelings (ie, what do they feel like and where are they located in your body?)
  • What are the causes of the emotion (including the 'surface' and 'root' causes)
  • What are the harmful consequences of emotions (so you have an impetus for wanting to stop experiencing them)
  • The important...
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'What If - Secrets to Health' Part 12: How to overcome the fear you'll never get better

May 11, 2019

What if - Secrets to Health - Free Video Series

[Video -  27 mins]

What if...

  • You no longer have to have so much fear about being ill, and doubting you will ever get well?

And what if...

  • You could avoid the 3 unconscious fears which are secretly keeping you sick?

What if?!

An eye-opening free series on the cause (and solution) to illness.

In this episode we look at how our unconscious fears can prevent us from getting well.


Watch the complete 'WHAT IF? SECRETS TO HEALTH'...

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Stop the Mind Torture! Be Here Now!

Feb 13, 2019

The past is history

The future is a mystery

Today is a gift

Which is why it's called the present

"People often feel there is ‘something missing’ in their life. What is missing is attention and alignment with the present moment” Eckhardt Tolle

The Future

A very common mind habit which people have is to WORRY and worst-case-scenario-think (WCST) - to constantly expect the worst to happen.
Worry is mentally rehearsing what you don't want to happen. It is an...
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