6 Secrets to Ending a Toxic Relationship (aka How Oprah Helped Save My Life)

Nov 20, 2019
"When we are in a toxic relationship, we are 'attached' to each other at the solar plexus level through unseen chords, because the solar plexus is our centre of power. When we are the 'victim' of a toxic relationship, we give away our power to our abuser, and there is a line of energy which attaches us to them from the solar plexus, as well as the sacral chakra (sexual centre). These chords need to be broken so that we can take our power back..."
On understanding 'Jekyll and Hyde', and on...
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Are you a secret narcissist?

Nov 10, 2019

"It can be a kick in the guts to come to terms with the truth that as part of being on the receiving end of narcissism, we have unconsciously developed our own narcissistic tendencies".

Exploring Narcissism (part 3)

As one moves forward to heal from the effects and consequences of being on the receiving end of a narcissist's behaviour, and all the emotional healing which goes with that, at some point in our journey we may be forced to face an uncomfortable and as yet unrecognized...

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How do you escape a narcissist?

Nov 07, 2019
The heart and the gut never lie (thank goodness) - they always speak the truth, whereas the head brain has learned very well to rational-lies away the unacceptable behaviour of the narcissist.
Exploring Narcissism (part 2)
The thing with understanding and managing narcissistic behaviour, is to understand that if you are currently in a toxic relationship (with partner or family members or anyone else) and have not yet understood how this dynamic works, or not yet...
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Did you grow up with a 'narc'?

Nov 06, 2019

 "For the first time, I understood what psychological abuse was, and how ‘victims’ are terrified of leaving their abuser… because of the terror from childhood which was still inside me".

Exploring Narcissism (part 1)

Growing up

I grew up with a narcissistic mother, but (as is very common) did not know it at the time. In fact it wasn't until I was about 12, when I heard a school friend describing her relationship with her mother, that I even started to question...

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