Why Getting to the Root Cause is the Key to Getting Rid of Symptoms

heal Feb 25, 2020

 "The REAL reason my back wasn't healing was because I hadn't healed the root emotional cause of why it went 'out' in the first place, which was why the injury kept repeating itself, over and over again..."

I'll share a story of how finding alternative healthcare options helped me when I first started out on this journey over 35 years ago...

I grew up in the UK, and in my twenties was living in a third floor flat in London. One day I was cleaning the windows, and was straining to clean the outside of the window as I sat on the window ledge, and twisted my back. But I didn't realize what I had done, because I had never strained my back before, and whilst I felt something 'ping' in my back as I twisted around, it didn't hurt. 

So I carried on with my daily life, blissfully ignorant of the damage I had done.

But my body knew... and over the next few weeks I noticed my lower back was sore and restricted, and movement was getting more and more difficult, and 3 months later, when I was trying to put a sock on... and couldn't... I realized something was seriously wrong, and I needed help.

I had already been to the doctor over the previous weeks, and been told 'nothing is wrong and there is nothing we can do to help you', so I had returned home not knowing there were any other options for me but to carry on.

This is so common... to think we just have to 'make do' and 'carry on'. I spoke with a client recently who had experienced a serious car accident, and had concussion, and been taken to hospital, but after being checked out was told there was 'nothing wrong' and she could go home.

Whilst technically there was 'nothing wrong', this was actually not the case. Her body was in shock, and the trauma of the accident was still locked into her nervous system and cells, which was in turn impacting her physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, which later down the track had ramifications. But that's another story for another time... back to the back story...

Somehow or other, once the pain became so bad and disabling I could no longer bend over, I searched through the yellow pages (remember that, pre-internet?) and found an 'osteopath'. I went to see him and the first thing he said was I should have dealt with the problem as soon as it happened, because now the body had compensated for the injury, and would take longer to heal.

And it did. It took years, but that was also for other reasons... because as I was to find out later, the REAL reason my back wasn't healing was because I hadn't healed the root emotional cause of why it went 'out' in the first place and why the injury kept repeating itself, over and over again, sometimes leaving me hospitalized in agony. I explain more about this in my video 'The Metaphysical Cause of Back Pain'.

That first osteopath appointment was the very first experience I had of 'natural healthcare', and the beginning of a long journey into this field that I never knew existed or was on the cards! 

So what was your first experience of natural health care? Or are you still focused on pills and surgery? 

There is nothing wrong with either of these, as long as you understand their place. And what I mean by that is conventional medicine is amazing... when used necessarily, which means mostly for 'acute' and serious life-threatening conditions. But ongoingly taking medication or having surgery for conditions which can be resolved naturally in other ways is not really the best way to go, because if you don't get to the root cause of the problem, that 'weed' will stay firmly stuck inside you, with the roots planted firmly in the ground... until you pull them out.

This is why I created my 'What If Secrets to Health' program, which explains all about 'root cause analysis' (my speciality) and how when we identify and clear the 'root' cause of illness, then symptoms disappear by themselves.

I hope this little story is useful, and remember, your body's ability to heal is far greater than anyone may ever have told you.

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