Why Rest doesn't Resolve Chronic Fatigue


This video is an oldie, but the information is still as relevant as ever!

For years I have been teaching people how to self-heal from chronic fatigue conditions (CFS chronic fatigue syndrome, M.E., PVFS, glandular fever, fibromyalgia and more) after learning what I had to do to heal myself first.

One of the biggest misconceptions about chronic fatigue is that if you rest you will get better.

Whilst part of the reason for exhaustion may be adrenal fatigue (which is a level of physical exhaustion), one of the BIGGEST missing pieces of the puzzle is the role BLOCKED EMOTIONS have on creating PHYSICAL TIREDNESS.

It seems crazy - almost unbelievable - that suppressed emotional energy can create such severe physical symptoms that we can hardly walk or talk. But I promise you IT'S TRUE.

This is why I have dedicated the past 20 years to learning about the role emotions play in our health. 

Chronic fatigue is often not about a lack of energy. It's about a chronic BLOCKING of energy, and specifically blocking emotional energy.

This is why learning to manage one's emotions is CRITICAL if you want to restore your health and wellbeing.


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