Why Manage Your Emotions?

emotional mastery Nov 04, 2021
The emotional suffering we experience is often not from the situation itself, but our response to and perception of what is happening.
Of all the skills I have learned over the years to keep myself happy and mentally balanced, one of the most important and essential ones has been HOW TO MANAGE MY INTERNAL EMOTIONAL AUTO-RESPONSES.
What do I mean by this?
There are many layers to this statement, and for now I'll just stick with one:
The ability to self-clear the suffering we experience when we feel upset, hurt, frustrated, angry, afraid... or any other type of 'negative' emotion.

What are negative emotions and why are they triggered?

 You're probably familiar with what it feels like when you 'feel bad'.
Different people will have different levels of 'emotional awareness' depending on how much 'inner work' they have done to self-manage and self-process emotional responses, and heal past hurts.
For some, they may just feel a sense of general unease inside when negative emotions are triggered, but not know how to 'name' the feelings.
For others, they may be able to pin-point with laser-accuracy how they are feeling, and self-clear any emotional suffering in seconds or minutes. This takes practice and it's well worth it.
There are many different kinds of negative emotions, but I have found there are several core emotions which form the foundation of all others:
Fear, anger, sadness, hurt and loneliness.
I often refer to these emotions on my 'compass of emotions'.
Even though apparently 43,000 emotions have been clinically discovered, I find we only need to deal with what is the compass to deal with most emotions. 
If we can learn to self-manage these core emotions, we are well on the way to emotional freedom, because the suffering we experience is often not the situation per se which is making us feel bad (eg someone saying something to you, or an external event) but our response to and perception of what is happening.
Our emotional responses can be externally generated, or even internally generated by our own thoughts and patterns.
Either way, if we want to restore emotional and mental equilibrium, we MUST learn how to manage our own feelings.
If you want to bring more emotional awareness to your current levels of emotional literacy, check out the free one hour training on this page.
In the training I share my journey to emotional wisdom, and lead you on a journey to explore your current levels of emotional literacy. If you want the downloadable workbook you will need to first register on this page
I also include a short 12 minute video on why negative emotions are sometimes (often) positive. This may sound like a paradox, but it's true once we learn the intelligent nature of all emotional responses!

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