'What If - Secrets to Health' Part 9: What is the first question you should ask when you are sick?

healing response symptoms Mar 31, 2019

What if - Secrets to Health - Free Video Series Part 9

[Video - 18 mins]

What is the first question you should ask when you are sick - which if you did could save you much unnecessary fear and stress?

What if the first question you should ask yourself when you have symptoms is 'Is my body in a process of self-healing itself?' 

Because what if...

  • Symptoms are your body's way of making you well, and illness is a sign your body is moving itself through a natural healing phase?

And what if...

  • Trying to get rid of symptoms during a natural healing phase prevented your body completing its natural healing cycle?

What if?!

An eye-opening series on the cause (and solution) to illness.

This is the subject matter of this video series.

In this episode we look at how symptoms can be part of the 'regeneration cycle' of the body as it brings itself through illness and back to health. 

Note: Click here to learn more about the natural 'stress-regeneration' cycle


Very Important Note:

I am not suggesting all symptoms are 'symptomatic' of a short-term healing response (although it is fair to say that many symptoms are part of a bigger picture of the body attempting to restore homeostasis, because at the end of the day, the body is ALWAYS working to maintain homeostasis).

However, learning to understand and recognize the 'healing response' is essential for understanding the bigger picture of illness, and takes away so much unnecessary fear when we are ill.

I am also not suggesting illness only has metaphysical or emotional issues as the root cause. There are many, many factors which go towards creating illness, including physical, environmental, lifestyle, social, belief, habit, lifestyle, mental, emotional, genetic, epigenetic, ancestral, karmic and more influences! However, my focus and speciality is the stress-trauma-belief-emotional root causes, because with all the clients I have worked with over the years, emotional-trauma-stress factors have always revealed themselves to play a significant part in the creation of symptoms.  This is an area which is commonly missed when looking for the cause or solution to illness!

The subject matter of all the many different causes of illness is explored in detail in my 'What Causes Illness' program.


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Medical Disclaimer:

The information in this video series, and any information on this site, is for informational purposes only. Kim Knight Health does not diagnose, cure, heal or treat any illness or person. Please use your sound judgement and seek out whatever medical or natural health solutions you need to in order to help you. 

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