The Biggest Block to Solving Health Problems

emotional intelligence Jan 26, 2019
If someone had told me that the cause of my chronic fatigue, which had me virtually house-bound for 10 years, was blocked emotions, I would have laughed them out the door...

As a transformational health coach, the thing I most want to do is help people solve their health and wellbeing problems... fast, efficiently and effectively, with long-lasting results.

In short, I want people to get well quickly so they can get on with their lives, and not repeat the problem again.

And I want them to be able to do it in the most time-efficient, cost-efficient way possible.

So why is it, time and time again, I see people with health issues, who are actively looking for help with their problems, not getting the results they want?

I'll tell you why, and it can be summed up in one sentence:

'We're unaware of what we are unaware of - we don't know what we don't know'.

This 'not knowing' plays out in several ways:

Not realizing you have a problem or that symptoms are unnatural!

Believe it or not, you can have a health issue and not even realize you have one, or that it's an issue!

You can get so used to symptoms you stop thinking or believing it's possible to get rid of them. You just learn to live with them.

But this is not normal even though it may have become your norm! (And by 'normal' I mean living in harmony with what is natural for you - see below for more on this).

I have lost count of the number of new clients who tell me they don't have symptoms, and then when I ask them to fill in a SUDS (subjective units of distress) form they write a long list of physical and mental symptoms which would leave me incapacitated. 

So the first step in healing is awareness: awareness of where you are now, and of what is normal and not normal, so you can know the difference. You need to know what is normal and natural, and what isn't, so you can move towards positive change.

This leads me on to:

What is natural has become unnatural, and what is unnatural has become natural

Whilst this subject could fill a whole blog by itself, here is the gist of what I mean here:

There are certain laws of life and laws of nature which we as humans need to follow in order to stay healthy. Most people are oblivious to these laws and are constantly 'breaking the law'.

As we know, breaking the law has consequences! If you steal a car and are caught, you may find yourself behind bars.

So it is with the laws of health, although most people are not 'caught' until illness and life problems 'catch them'.

When we break the laws of health we experience the consequences: ill-health. It's just the universal law of 'cause and effect' doing it's job and you can't side-step it!

But what you can do is learn what these laws of health are and follow them. Then you learn to live a 'natural' life in harmony with the laws of nature, which results in being able to reverse illness, prevent sickness and maintain health. 

Why do stress and unexpressed emotions create severe physical symptoms? Because holding emotions inside changes our cellular physiology which eventually creates physical symptoms. 

Here's another roadblock to reversing illness:

Thinking physical symptoms must be investigated and can only be solved through physical means

This is one of THE biggest issues for people: believing that physical symptoms have a physical cause and can only be solved physically.

For example, thinking that if you have bad stomach pains, your first port of call is the hospital and internal testing to find the cause of the pain, and then take medication or have surgery or change your diet to solve the problem.

Now, whilst it is sometimes advisable and necessary to have physical tests, even surgery and medication, what is essential to understand is that most physical pain has an emotional-stress-trauma component. These non-physical components are often the real cause of the physical symptoms. 

For example, I worked with a client, Fiona, who had spent 3 months in hospital have every test available for a range of symptoms including debilitating pain, fevers, dizzyness, vomiting, migraines, exhaustion and more. 

She was so sick she could no longer care for her two children and live a normal life. She could barely stand for more than a few minutes and was more-or-less bedbound. Her family (husband and two children) were forced to sell their home and move in with the in-laws because she could no longer lead a normal life. As you can imagine, this was an intensely stressful and distressing situation. 

After 3 months of being in hospital, nothing showed up as causing the symptoms, and she was discharged without any answers or solution. In desperation she turned to the internet for alternative answers. And found my website.

After one breakthrough exploration she finally understood the root cause of her symptoms: unresolved childhood emotional pain and ongoing inability to make herself her number one priority, including inability to speak her truth.  

Why do stress and unexpressed emotions create severe physical symptoms?

Because holding emotions inside changes our cellular physiology which eventually creates physical symptoms. This is not rocket science, it's common sense: everything that happens inside of you has an effect: actions have consequences, and blocked emotions create symptoms. Simple science, but not so simple if this is the first time you are hearing it!

(If someone had told me that the cause of my chronic fatigue, which had me virtually house-bound for 10 years, was blocked emotions, I would have laughed them out the door... until I came to experience and understand first-hand the truth of this. Learning how to self-clear emotional energy was the number one contributing factor to getting well, and it's the same for all my clients. It may sound unbelievable, but I can assure you, after 13 years of helping hundreds of people get well, that it's true!)

So what happened for Fiona? By following the advice I gave her, and implementing new healthier lifestyle choices, within 6 months she was better. Her symptoms had reduced or disappeared, she was able to look after herself and her children, and her family moved back out into their own home. You can listen to Fiona's story of recovery from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in her video on this page 

Not hearing when people tell you there are solutions

Often when an expert* who understands the topic of health makes a suggestion, you don't 'hear' it or unconsciously ignore it.

Being unwilling to listen to new ideas or see different perspectives (as the saying goes, 'you can't solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it' - you must be willing to see things differently) will keep you trapped in the same old, same old repeating cycles, like a hamster stuck on a wheel. You have to know how to get off that wheel, and usually if you are still stuck in the problem it means you don't know how to get off the wheel, otherwise you'd already have gotten off it, right?!!

A few years ago I had a perfect example of this unconscious 'not hearing' when someone presents you with the solution on a proverbial platter:

I was at a party and bumped into a friend I hadn't seen for some years. He proudly started telling me he had Parkinson's Disease. I asked him if he would be interested in discovering the root cause so he could start the self-healing process. He didn't even acknowledge what I had said, and carried on telling me about all the medications he was taking for his symptoms. He simply didn't hear. 

So why is it when we meet someone who truly does have the answers, and can help you move through your problem at lightning speed, that you don't 'hear' what they are saying?

I'll tell you why:

Unconscious Unconsciousness

Not being aware of what you don't know, as well as not realizing there are other options!

That's exactly how it was for Fiona when she was in hospital. She had no idea there were other avenues. Until she decided to search on the internet and found my website.

Now, if you're getting annoyed with me telling you you might be 'unaware' or 'unconscious' please stick with me for a moment. These comments are not intended to be insulting. I am not saying you are stupid, and most likely you are not in the least stupid. In fact, you're highly likely to be very intelligent, highly sensitive, but just not yet as emotionally savvy as is required. 

These comments are intended to be a helpful wake-up call to help move through your problem to the other side of your problem. I want you to be happy and healthy, so I'm being straight to the point here for your highest good : )

Trust me when I say, if someone had told me 25 years ago what I'm sharing here, I could have saved myself a heap of time, angst and money. I could have saved myself losing my house, car, life savings. But back then I didn't meet anyone who could tell me this stuff, and probably I was too unconscious to come across it to hear it for myself!

So the question is, are you willing to listen to new information which could change, possibly even save, your life, or will your ego get in the way?

Signs of the ego getting in the way will be thoughts like:

  • 'Who's she to tell me what I do or don't know?'
  • Damm cheek, how dare she tell me I'm stupid and don't know anything, I've been studying (xyz) problem for years...

Recently I spoke with a lady whose health issues were clearly the result of unresolved childhood emotional issues, but she wasn't ready to hear me, and her ego got in the way. She 'took offence' and walked away. Such a shame - in 3 months of tailor-made coaching she could have been a different person with a different life. 

So, if you are willing to be OPEN to new ideas and perspectives, my question to you is this:

Are you ready for change and willing to change?

If the answer is yes, then read on. If not, you can close this page!

7 Steps for Positive Lasting Change

All truth passes through 3 phases:
First it is ridiculed.

Secondly it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as self-evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer

Here are some of things you're going to have to do if you want to get the results you have been wanting but not yet getting:

  • You must have a willingness to see things differently and be open to NEW PERSPECTIVES, even if those perspectives sound crazy at first. 
  • You must be willing to TRY NEW THINGS, new ways of behaving, thinking, acting in the world, even if it's a bit uncomfortable at first. Doing the 'same old same old' will keep you exactly where you are now.
  • You must be TOTALLY COMMITTED to you and your personal progress, you must put yourself unapologetically first.
  • You must STOP LOOKING FOR A PHYSICAL CAUSE to your physical symptoms - they are unlikely to be found there.
  • You must BE READY FOR TRANSFORMATION because true healing means you change and are never the same again.
  • You must be willing to STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE, (which is totally do-able and not scary when you have a guide to guide you every step of the way).
  • And if you are WISE, you will FIND AN EXPERT GUIDE to lead you up the mountain of transformation, so that rather than walking up with a heavy backpack, which can take months or years, you take the fast ride up by gondola, and shortcut the journey by weeks or months.

This is my honest advice to you, after spending 20 years searching for answers myself, finding out what worked and what didn't, and another 13 years helping others take the fast track up the mountain. 

I WANT you to be well. I don't want you to waste years of your life like I did. Dragging out health issues is not fun; it's stressful, frustrating, painful, and being ill doesn't only affect you: it affects your partner, family, parents, children, friends... they all have to go through it with you.

So do yourself a favour, get the right advice from an expert, be ready to do the work, and your life can change exponentially in very little time!

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*By expert I mean someone who clearly sees through to the core of the problem because it's their area of expertise, which means they can read you like a book, and they also know the solution. 

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