10 Tips for Reversing Symptoms of Illness Naturally (part 1 of 3)

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2020

If you are still looking for answers to heal from chronic illness, you might want to check if you are ticking all these boxes…

  1. Do you have a true understanding from a holistic mind-body perspective of what really creates illness?

  2. Do you understand that no matter the physical symptom or condition, there is almost always an emotional and mental cause, even when the head thinks there isn’t or can't see it… yet.

  3. Do you know that physical symptoms can often not be fully and authentically healed with only physical means, because the cause of the problem is not usually physical?

  4. Are you trusting in the infinite wisdom of your body and that it knows exactly what it’s doing when it creates symptoms, that symptoms are not a mistake, and serve a positive purpose, which you need to unravel if you want to experience complete recovery?

  5. Do you understand the concept "we heal people, not illness"? (If not, please check out the free series 'What if Secrets to Health' which explores this in detail!)

  6. Do you have an openness and willingness to see things from new perspectives, because a problem can never be solved from the same consciousness that created it?

  7. Do you have an absolute determination to make your recovery your top priority in your life?

  8. Do you know the huge role that trapped emotional energy in the body plays in the build up of physical symptoms?

  9. Do you understand the difference between healing and fixing? fixing is the old paradigm of treating end results temporarily, whilst healing is transforming the root cause.

Check out the next blog for the next 10 tips!

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