Self-Recognition - A Key to Self Love

Feb 11, 2020

Self-acknowledgement and self-recognition are critical factors in the creation of healthy self-esteem and self-worth, and often one of the main reasons we don't do this for ourselves as adults is because we did not receive enough of it from others as we grew up...

There are many keys to growing a 'healthy self' and cultivating self-love, and one of the most missed elements is self-recognition.

Most people are 'guilty' of this lack of self-acknowledgement:

As we go about our life, we...

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Grieving for the Love you never received, for the Self you never loved

Jan 20, 2019

We see what we perceive rather than the truth of what is.


Have you done this...

You're looking through photos from years gone by, and you're amazed, even gobsmacked, at how beautiful (f) / handsome (m) you were when you were younger? 

And the thing that amazes you most is that, at the time when the photos were taken, you thought you were ugly, fat, unattractive?

And now that you look at those very same photos, you are shocked to see just how untrue that...

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