6 Secrets to Ending a Toxic Relationship (aka How Oprah Helped Save My Life)

Nov 20, 2019
"When we are in a toxic relationship, we are 'attached' to each other at the solar plexus level through unseen chords, because the solar plexus is our centre of power. When we are the 'victim' of a toxic relationship, we give away our power to our abuser, and there is a line of energy which attaches us to them from the solar plexus, as well as the sacral chakra (sexual centre). These chords need to be broken so that we can take our power back..."
On understanding 'Jekyll and Hyde', and on...
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What If - Secrets to Health Part 13: How Childhood Abuse turns into Self Abuse

May 15, 2019

What if - Secrets to Health - Free Video Series

[Video -   mins]

What if...

  • The reason you harm yourself with self-neglect and negative self-talk is because it is a way of turning all your pain inwards on yourself, because it has nowhere else to go?

And what if...

  • You can reverse self-harm through self-love, which in turn reverses your unhappiness and chronic symptoms?

What if?!

An eye-opening free series on the cause (and solution) to illness.

In this episode we look at...

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How to tell if you're in an abusive relationship

Jan 27, 2019
Every time I was shouted at, criticized or berated, I would feel terrible inside. I felt hurt, frustrated, hopeless and powerless. It felt awful. And a part of me kept saying 'this just isn't right. Surely it can't be right to be treated this way'?
I don't share this story very often because it's not the sort of thing one talks about with strangers, or even friends.
I'm sure you know what I mean if you're currently in the same situation.
Fortunately I'm not...
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