Why aren't my symptoms getting better?

symptoms Mar 04, 2019
Again and again and again and again I see people making the same mistake, and finding themselves SO frustrated because they are not getting a solution to their health problems.
I see it over and over and over again on social media:
People posting about their symptoms, and all the different dietary regimes they are trying to get rid of their symptoms.
People getting frustrated, overwhelmed and even hopeless after trying for months or years to get better and not seeing a result.
I used to do it too, until I learned something amazing which no-one told me growing up:
That symptoms of physical pain are generally NOT created by something physical.
This means that if the CAUSE of the pain is not physical, the solution will not be physical either!
The cause of pain and symptoms goes WAY beyond something physical to the 'meta' physical, which means BEYOND physical.
What is the 'beyond' physical?
It's what is happening in your mind, your emotions, your beliefs, your behaviours, your conditioning, your unconscious programming... all of which have a KNOCK ON effect in your physical body.
NOTHING happens randomly or separately in the body- it is a TOTALITY.
Whatever happens emotionally is affecting your physical body.
Whatever happens at a thinking level (mind) is affecting your physical body.
It's just the way it is.
So when people have sore shoulders, we have to ask 'WHAT BURDEN ARE YOU CARRYING'?
When people have a sore stomach, we have to ask 'WHAT ARE YOU WORRYING YOURSELF SICK OVER'?
When people are constipated, we have to ask 'WHAT ARE YOU FINDING DIFFICULT TO LET GO OF in your life'?
If you don't stop and look at your life, and everything that is happening in your environment, your work, family, partner, friends, children, finances....
If you don't reflect inwards to discover the 'DIS-EASE' which is going on at an emotional level, at a mind level, at a stress level...
Yes, you can take medication and supplements, but are they ADDRESSING THE ROOT CAUSE?
Are they addressing what is putting the body into DIS-EASE in the first place?
Are you identifying and changing your UNEASE?
Are you stopping the damage you are doing in non-physical ways which your body is screaming at you about through symptoms?
The body has an incredible ability to self-heal. IT'S BUILT TO SELF-HEAL.
But first of all you have to identify the root cause. Then you have to reverse the root cause.
You can liken this to pulling a weed out by its roots:
If you only trim the leaves, the roots will still be there, underground, and will grow again.
If you pull the roots out, the weed is gone forever.
If you're finally ready to pull those weeds out, this is my passion. Helping people to weed their garden of illness so they are left with a beautiful garden full of vibrant flowers.
This is a radically different approach if you've not been taught this. It's a revolutionary new approach to healthcare.
It takes work, commitment and a deep desire to know yourself from the inside out. But the REWARDS are worth it:
  • No more pain
  • No more symptoms
  • No more fatigue
  • No more spending hundreds or thousands of dollars at the doctor
  • No more spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on supplements
  • No more fear of illness
  • No more stress
  • No more emotional roller coasters

Instead, let you body doing it's natural self-healing. IT CAN DO IT.

If you're ready to get real, lasting results, get in touch!

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