How to boost your immune system naturally (and simultaneously quell fear of illness)

health Mar 09, 2020

Take back sovereignty over your thoughts and feelings, and watch the change inside your physical body...

When most people think of boosting their immune system, they may think of particular foods they should eat, or supplements they should take. But what if there was another way?

What if you knew how to boost your immune system from the inside out, just by using your mind, and by managing your emotional state?

And what if this approach also had the effect of reducing any fears or anxieties around getting sick in the first place? What if?...

What if indeed.

So where do you begin?

By understanding your physical body, which is made up of several different 'systems' (eg, reproductive, cardio-vascular, digestive etc), including your immune system, is directly affected by what you think and feel, because you are a totality of mind, emotions, body and Spirit.

Anything that goes through your mind, including the 60,000+ thoughts you have a day, and the (apparently) 42,000+ emotions a human can feel, have a direct impact at a cellular level inside your body, changing hormonal and chemical secretions inside your cells, automatically and immediately altering molecular-cellular function.

How do you think this is going to impact your health? Do you think that fearful thoughts and stress (which is the state of fear) will have a different effect on your physiology compared with joyful, peaceful, happy thoughts and feelings? Have you stopped to consider this? Have you ever stopped or slowed down enough to notice the physiological shift which happens immediately inside your body when you experience different emotions? Well, have you?!

Powers of Self Observation

Most people are too caught up in their head most of the day to notice what is going on inside their body. They fail to notice the subtle energetic shifts which are taking place inside at a 'felt-sense' level as their body automatically responds to what is happening in their life.

This response could be to their own thoughts and thinking habits, or to events happening around them in their environment, but either way they are unaware of the emotional responses (fear, anger, hurt, disappointment...) or the stress responses (constriction, fear, tension) or the negative mental thought patterns ("worst-case-scenario" thinking, pessimism...) which are automatically occurring inside, which are having an immediate knock-on effect inside their cells, tissues and organs. 

They are also unaware that as this negativity and fear is being perpetuated inside them at a mental-emotional level, it is simultaneously having a negative impact on every system in their body, leading to those systems to under-function. 

For example, most people are unaware of how unprocessed emotional charges get stored inside the body, changing the vibration of the cells at a molecular-atomic level, which translates into chemical-physical changes in function, leading eventually to dysfunction. And then they wonder why months or years later their 'dis-ease' has turned into disease.

They wonder why their inability to 'swallow' or 'digest' their emotional upsets, or the unconscious 'swallowing of their emotions', leads their digestive system to no longer be able to 'process' their food, when in actuality, the thing the digestive system is unable to process is their emotional life.

They wonder why it is, that after months or years of chronic stress (through unhealthy thinking, suppressed emotions and unhealthy lifestyle habits) their immune system starts to weaken under the strain of ongoing mental and emotional stress. 

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work it all out. Your body is affected by every single thought you have, and every single emotion you experience, and every healthy or unhealthy lifestyle habit you have. Every single one. 

Years of compounded negativity and stress WILL turn into a weakened immune system, whether you like it or not, because we live in a world of cause and effect. 

So, if you want to improve your immune system, start by improving how you take care of your self - every part of yourself: mind, body and Spirit.

Start noticing your thoughts - are they life-affirming or life-depleting? Are you using your mind in positive, healthy ways? Or are your thoughts predominantly negative?

Start noticing your emotions - are they good-feeling feelings or negative, unpleasant feelings? Do you know how to notice what you are feeling? Do you know how to resolve and dissolve your negative feelings on demand? Do you know how to clear unresolved emotional upsets and hurts? If not, start learning, now!

Start assessing your lifestyle habits: do they create stress, or maintain a state of inner peace, calm and homeostasis. Are you aware of how every single habit you have, and every single task you do during the day, will either lead to more peace or increased stress?

The good news is, YOU have the power to change all of this. In fact, you are the only person who can do so. No-one can do it for you, although you might wish this so. 

Start noticing what triggers you into stress, and change your habits of thinking and daily lifestyle habits, so that what you are doing on a daily basis brings you more peace than stress.

Start taking back control of your health, by taking back control over your thoughts and emotional responses. This includes taking ownership over how you respond to worldwide events, and in particular learning not to buy into the mass fear and hysteria which is played out in the collective unconscious of humanity. Take back sovereignty over your thoughts and feelings, and watch the change inside your physical body.

Your body responds to every thought and emotion you have. What thoughts and feelings do you choose to have today?

Exercise to Cultivate a Healthy Mindset

In Ren Xue Yuan Gong, a system of life cultivation exercises for self-healing and self-mastery, we learn how to take control over our internal state. And one of the most important mind exercises is focusing on the body being healthy, rather than being sick, even if we are experiencing sickness. 

Why is this attitude so important?

Because 'energy follows thought' and every cell, tissue and organ is made of energy.

Therefore this is the order of things:

'Thought' leads to the state of 'energy' which makes up the body's cells, tissues and organs (physiology).

And thought is not just thought. Thought comprises the feelings we are feeling at the time of thinking the thought. Therefore emotional state is paramount too.

So this is what you can do, if you are open to trying something different:

See your body as completely healthy. Whether it is currently healthy or has some health problems, it doesn't matter. See the body as completely health. Tell yourself 'everything is healthy. Qi (energy) and blood are flowing perfectly'.

When you do this, you are sending healthy 'information' into your cells, tissues and organs and they will respond to this directive, whether you believe it or not, and whether you notice an immediate effect or not. Your cells respond to everything which comes from your mind. And the calmer and more joyful your emotional state is, the better the response. 

Further Resources

And if you want to learn more about this approach to health, then check out the programs on this website or my Tao Health website. My passion is to teach you how to take care of your health - mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, spiritually.

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