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birth trauma Feb 13, 2020

"During the birth process the fear of dying was more prominent than the joy of being born, and this was deeply embedded in my whole being"...

Unhealed and unacknowledged birth trauma.

This is such an important but unacknowledged and un-understood topic, which I am very passionate about after had to discover and go through my own birth trauma healing. So I'd like to share a few facts and tips about birth trauma.
When we are born, a 'limbic imprint' is created in the brain as the result of whatever our experience is at the moment of birth. Our birthing experience is imprinted in our brain and embedded into the nervous system as an imprint which says 'this is how life is'.
For example, a harmonious birthing experience will imprint a limbic imprint of 'life is good and I trust life' whilst a traumatic birth experience will imprint 'life is hard and I'm always afraid'.
This imprint will then run the show of our life, driving our every thought, feeling and behaviour... except we won't know it, because it's so deep and so unconscious.
Sooner or later in life, the signs of unresolved birth trauma will make themselves known. This can show up in many ways, but typical signs are ongoing and inexplicable fears and anxieties, phobias, depression, inability to use your brain to understand certain topics, chronic stress and chronic illness and a lot more.
It took me many years (even after many years or prior counselling, therapy and emotional healing work) to become aware of the impact of this birth trauma, because I didn't know it was inside me. I didn't know the effects a traumatic birth had had on me. Of course this makes sense because we don't often remember our birth!
Birth trauma can be mild to severe, including difficult labour, premature birth, forced birth, caesarian, a stressful birthing environment, birth complications, long labour etc, and also circumcism for boys. 
But life started to bring me clues that the birth trauma lay deep inside.
Little did I know (until I understood the birth trauma phenomenon) that the reason I had a fear and resistance to dealing with my business finances, and was always afraid of being destitute, was due to the unhealed trauma which was unconsciously keeping me stuck in the FIGHT-FLIGHT SURVIVAL FEAR response.
Later it made sense, when I understood how money in our modern world equals 'survival', and the fact I didn't have enough money was RE-TRIGGERING this deep unhealed survival fear. During the birth process the fear of dying was more prominent than the joy of being born, and this was deeply embedded in my whole being.
After finally putting the pieces of the puzzle together, I understood that until I healed my birth trauma, my fears of financial ruin, and also homelessness, (due to separation from Mother AFTER birth) would never be solved.
This sent me on a long journey of more healing through the BIRTH INTO BEING protocol, the most amazing approach for healing birth trauma.
Firstly it is recommended to watch the film (there is a short free version on Youtube which is embedded at the bottom of this blog, and you can pay to get the full version from the website below).
After viewing the film I knew this had hit the nail on the head and I needed to do this birth trauma healing work. I firstly did the weekend workshop, which brought great results. I was no longer terrified of going to my accountant or talking about accounts! But I knew there was more work to be done, and a year later did the full 10 day practitioner training.
This work is profound, and healing birth trauma is essential if we want to re-set our nervous system and limbic system into peace, harmony and trust.

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Birth into Being main website


30 minute version of the film

Kim Knight - Certified Birth into Being Coach

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