Healing the Collective Shadow - It's Not A Pretty Sight

We've all heard of 'shadow work'.
Well, many of us have. 
Those of us 'working on ourselves' know it well.
For years, we have been working to 'clear our shadow' - to get rid of all the mental, emotional and physical 'gunk' inside us which prevents us from seeing the truth of who we are.
As Michael Roads once described to a group of us in a workshop 25 years ago, we are: 'Magnificant, Multi-dimensional, Metaphysical Beings of Light'.
At the end of the workshop he challenged us that for the next 2 weeks, whenever someone asked us who we were or what we did, to answer with the above description. It wasn't easy and I didn't do very well.  
Doing the dark nitty gritty work on ourselves is also not easy, which is why many people don't bother.
It's so much easier to distract ourselves with outside entertainments; movies, tv, drinking, eating, shopping, travelling, 'having fun'... the list goes on.
And now what we are experiencing is the rising of the collective shadow of humanity, and it is a gruesome sight indeed.
This shadow has always been there, lurking inside like a monster, the true 'boogie man'.
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Cartoons, disney films and Hollywood blockbusters have told multiple stories of this monster in numerous ways. But how many people have registered that this monster is inside us, individually and collectively?
For years, we have kept it at bay, underneath the surface, hidden with and by our distractions. 
And now it is in clear sight. And it is ugly. It is a beast.
The good news is, if there is so much darkness, there must be equivalent, or more, light. 
And this is what we must now bring forth. The Light. 
And the only way to allow the light in is to face the dark. This takes courage, and perseverance, and dedication, and committment, and more.
It also takes AWARENESS. Self-awareness, self-observation, self-honesty and a great desire for truth.
Now more than ever we must AWAKEN to our True Nature and stand strong in this battle of the dark and light. 
Join the AWAKEN Summit and be inspired on how you can discover your True Self and turn on your own light.
The time is now. There is no more time to waste.

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