10 Tips for Reversing Symptoms of Illness Naturally (part 3 of 3)

chronic illness Jan 19, 2020

We continue on our journey of what is needed if you wish to reverse symptoms of illness:

  1. A willingness to let go of attachment to one’s diagnosis or condition ‘label’, and instead understand it's just a word created to describe a group of symptoms.

  2. Find the right therapist to help guide in the right direction, and preferably one who has walked the path themselves.

  3. Understand that it is a mix of both the right therapist and right therapy which will allows you to feel safe enough to heal and give you the appropriate tools to do so.

  4. Feel absolutely emotionally safe with the therapist so you can be vulnerable enough to be completely open and honest.

  5. A recognition that healing is a journey of inner transformation 

  6. A willingness to understand that healing is a journey of personal evolution which involves change at the deepest level and once we heal we are never the same again.

  7. To understand that if a problem takes months and years to develop, it will take more than a couple of hours to solve, and therefore to let go of the erroneous belief that all your problems will be solved overnight.

  8. A commitment to change on multiple levels, including your thoughts, feelings, behaviour, habits and patterns.

  9. To remember the body is an innate self-healing mechanism which has enormous power to heal itself from a multitude of severe symptoms

  10. A belief or at least an openness to believe in miracles, which in fact we then discover are the natural healing abilities of the body once we get out of our own way to allow healing to occur.

  11. To absolutely definitively believe that the body can heal itself, even if you don’t yet know how.

  12. To develop the overriding qualities of faith, trust and openness, and habits of discipline, perseverance and commitment.

These qualities and skills take time to develop, so patience is needed. Plus, having the guidance of someone who has already walked this path will speed up your recovery 100 fold. Never underestimate the power of a coach, and recognize that trying to do this yourself without prior skill or training is going to be hard work. Just like you wouldn't expect to be able to do any other task without training (eg, your accounts, cooking, knitting, sports, anything...) so it is with health - until these skills are taught in school and in our education system, learning how to reverse symptoms and prevent illness in the first place is a SKILL which needs expert guidance! 

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